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Person shot on Dorchester Avenue near Ashmont T station

Update: Suspect arrested.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Dorchester Avenue near Ashmont Street. The homicide unit was called in just in case, due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

Several shots fired.

Dorchester Avenue is shut on either side of the station.


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The City has let the area by Ashmont, especially in front of O'Brien's turn into a mini Mass and Cass.

I know we are supposed to be "live and let live" and those "poor people with their heroin addictions have problems", but when it is steps from where you grew up and in front of the building where you used to work, you get pissed off. Why don't these people hang out in front of say Brookline Village, Wellesley Farms, Melrose, or Kendall? It is because the police departments in those areas would not let it happen. The immediate area around Ashmont is a mini Hamsterdam.

People asked me why did I move out of Dot, 93% of the reason is this. You shouldn't have to fear for your life walking over to the T.

If anyone gets annoyed with this rant on the ASBOs, let me know what area you live in and they can be sent your way.

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I can assure you those police departments would 100% let that happen as well. Have you not been paying attention for the last year or so?

Several local news outlets recently had a story about how the City Councilors were upset that no one from the BPD Command Staff showed up to a hearing they requested. Tucked away in in a few of those articles is how BPD is on the verge of implementing a “walk away” policy for the patrol officers.

I had been hearing rumblings about this for a few weeks and while the details have yet to be finalized, my guess (and I stress guess) is that some of these areas are about to suffer more.

- a Boston Cop

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To qualify: I lived in Ashmont Hill until this last fall.

A couple of years back when police stepped up drug enforcement in Peabody Square (this is the official name of the area in question), much of the drug dealing moved into the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the Ashmont T Station. This became distressing to local residents, many of whom are old or have young families.

Drug activity in front of my home where my child was playing outside wasn't our primary reason for leaving the area, but it certainly helped make the decision. I got really tired of politely asking groups of young men to refrain from doing business in front of my house (and yes, I saw hard drugs, money and weapons with my actual eyes). This sometimes got tense...

Ashmont has a problem, but stricter enforcement only at the T Station just moves the problem into residential areas that are not prepared to deal with it.

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Was a Transit cop.

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Your absolutely right. I almost laughed at the hamsterdam line but its our reality and its sickening. I honestly dont know how we can resolve this problem.

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I have multiple times reported the people that just hang out here and towards Duncan Donut and even up Bailey. These people don't live here and they block the sidewalk leave trash on the street and sidewalks and appear to be hooking up for drugs and nips. The police, Mayors office, etc. just ignore it as a problem. It is time for a change.

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This describes what is happening all over the city. Check out Andrew Square for example. Its as if the police and the city officials have given up. I am a person that supports the police and was never against them, but it feels like recently their attitude is "oh well don't care anymore". And I understand that they aren't happy with the police reform bill and the anti-police rhetoric. But if that means you won't do your job, then leave it for someone who will. The city has these pockets of mini skid rows, and its only getting worse. Graffiti is everywhere, trash, needles, drug use, burglaries, criminals, and mentally ill roaming the streets. Where are our leaders, don't they see this mess?

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It will take all of us as the neighbors to address this problem by way of calling the mayor, your state rep, the cops, the MBTA every day, all day and embarrassing them until something is done.
If you don’t complain, they don’t do anything.
Ashmont is not safe at night and it is darn scary afterschool.

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As. a St Marks Resident who owns a small property and took T to work I spent hours and hours this past year calling City Councilors, D4 Andrea Campbell, and At Large Wu. Wu's team has no idea where Peabody Sq is, and Campbell did not hesitate to let me know she did not like my " tone". Patrick Fandel Neighborhood liaison from Mayors office also not interest. I got info that the Dublin Donuts owner is somehow supposed to the person responsible for nothingness along.
I can tell you a Gang is there, think it is related to My Pleasnt, but since we don't need police or a gang data base and Campbell wants to be Mayor and Rollins is not prosecuting drugs prostitution or street harassment million of Dollars and years of Communitty action is Brentwood away. Ayanna Pressley moved out of Curruth so I guess Conan hasn't bothered telling the brothers he was keeping to keep off.

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