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Boston officer stabbed in the neck, suspect dead on Ingleside Street in Roxbury

Live Boston reports a man who lunged at officers with a knife, stabbing one in the neck, was shot as he attacked, at 27 Ingleside St., off Blue Hill Avenue, shortly before 6:30 p.m.

However, investigators now have to determine whether he did from the police gunshot or from stabbing himself in the neck during the incident, Live Boston reports.

Officers were responding to a domestic-violence call at that address when the man went after them, according to officers at the scene.

BPD records show at least 21 incidents at the triple decker dating to 2018, including reports of sick people and arguments, as well as an aggravated assault and battery in 2018, for which no one was arrested, and an aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon in 2019, for which one person was charged.

Listen to the BPD radio calls on the incident.

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From the radio call - “multiple warnings on this whole family they can all be pretty excitable”

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