Boston crime

9/19/18 - 2:18 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot around 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday at 56 Julian St. in Roxbury. He was rushed to a local... Read more
9/17/18 - 9:35 pm
Updated with arrest info. Boston Police report arresting a woman they say used a broken bottle to slash two people at Shawmut... Read more
9/17/18 - 12:41 am
Boston Police report arresting on man on gun charges and another for refusing to stop for officers after they allegedly tried... Read more
9/15/18 - 8:10 pm
UPDATE: Police identify the victim as Patrick Sales, 29, of Dorchester. Boston Police report a man was shot repeatedly outside... Read more
9/14/18 - 9:45 pm
Around 9:45 p.m. at Olney and Rosseter streets.
9/14/18 - 3:00 am
Boston Police report a woman walking in the area of Commonwealth Avenue and Linden Street between 2:45 and 3:15 a.m. today was... Read more
9/13/18 - 9:26 am
UPDATE: Boston Police report a 14-year-old student was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. One... Read more
9/10/18 - 10:53 pm
Boston Police report a woman was stabbed in the leg and her purse stolen around 10:50 p.m. on Monday on Walk Hill Street at... Read more
9/10/18 - 1:07 am
Boston Police report arresting a Somerville man after finding a gun in a storage area in his car door early this morning.... Read more
9/9/18 - 4:41 pm
Boston Police report arresting a man they say first offered to buy a couple's 13-year-old daughter and then, when they refused... Read more
9/9/18 - 10:00 am
Transit Police report arresting Isaisa Plaza, 18, of Chelsea, for an incident in the corridor between the Red and Orange lines... Read more
9/7/18 - 11:15 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Jamaica Plain man on a variety of drug, gun and driving charges in Moakley Park in South... Read more
9/6/18 - 3:41 am
Boston Police report finding a man dead of "undetermined traumatic injuries" near the Alford Street Bridge around 3:40 a.m.... Read more
9/4/18 - 10:05 pm
Around 10:05 p.m. in the Mozart Street Playground at Mozart and Centre Streets. A bullet, believed to have been fired in the... Read more
9/4/18 - 3:10 pm
On a 22 bus at Talbot Avenue and Whitfield Street around 3:10 p.m.
9/4/18 - 9:52 am
Boston Police report arresting two men on armed-robbery charges after, police say, they failed to wrest a woman's purse and... Read more
9/3/18 - 11:50 pm
A man in his late 20s was shot shortly before midnight at 18 Walden St., WHDH reports.
Man getting off train at JFK/UMass
9/3/18 - 10:30 pm
Transit Police report arresting a guy they say beat up an elderly man on a Red Line train pulling into JFK/UMass shortly before... Read more
9/3/18 - 9:35 pm
Somebody fired at a car with three occupants going down Merlin Street between Athelwold and Park streets around 9:35 p.m. The... Read more
9/3/18 - 3:25 pm
UPDATE: Bail set at $25,000 and Medina has to undergo a mental-health evaluation, per Suffolk County DA. State Police report... Read more
9/3/18 - 12:24 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot in the area of Dorchester Avenue and Centre Street around 12:20 p.m. on Monday. Police say... Read more
9/3/18 - 1:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say went on a bit of an arson early this morning that ended only when a resident... Read more
8/31/18 - 7:19 pm
Boston Police called out the SWAT team to arrest a man they say held somebody up at gunpoint in a Humboldt Avenue apartment... Read more
8/30/18 - 8:34 pm
Boston Police report officers tipped off that a guy might be strolling down Boylston Street last night stopped him between... Read more
8/30/18 - 1:30 pm
Mass. Incident Paging reports the stabbing was shortly before 1:30 p.m.
8/29/18 - 7:23 pm
Boston Police report that gang-unit members who arrested two men Wednesday afternoon as part of an investigation into the use... Read more
8/27/18 - 11:05 pm
Shortly after 11 p.m. on Dudley Street near Brook Avenue.
8/27/18 - 6:15 am
A female student was groped and asked for sexual favors around 6:15 p.m. at Bunker Hill Community College, campus police report... Read more
8/25/18 - 10:44 pm
Boston Police report they are looking for these two guys for a beatdown that started around 10:44 p.m. on Aug. 25 the downtown... Read more
8/25/18 - 6:25 pm
A teen was stabbed in the head, upper abdomen and thigh around 6:25 p.m. on Bower Street. As police were investigating that... Read more
8/25/18 - 3:43 am
Boston Police report officers responding to a call about gunfire at Coumbia Road and Seaver Street around 3:40 a.m. spotted a... Read more
8/24/18 - 11:20 pm
Around 11:20 p.m., somebody fired shots on Dudley Street at Howard Avenue.
8/22/18 - 7:12 pm
UPDATE: Police identify the victim as Fausto Sosa, 18, of Roslindale. Boston Police report an 18-year-old was shot at 39... Read more
8/22/18 - 5:09 pm
Boston Police report arresting two teenagers - names not released because of their ages - on a variety of gun charges in the... Read more
Stabbing scene on Bromfield Street
8/19/18 - 1:40 am
UPDATE: Suspect arrested. KMV and Doogs report somebody was stabbed several times on Bromfield Street, near Tremont, shortly... Read more
8/16/18 - 10:50 am
A Revere man who spent part of an Orange Line ride staring at a girl under 14 ground himself into her as she and her mother got... Read more
8/15/18 - 10:10 pm
UPDATED, 8:45 a.m., Thursday. Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 9:50 p.m. behind the Massachusetts Avenue T stop.... Read more
8/14/18 - 9:48 am
UPDATE: Victim identified as Yashua Amado, 29, of Mattapan. The Dorchester Reporter reports three people were shot at 27... Read more
8/13/18 - 6:15 pm
State Police are looking for the occupant of a car that pumped repeated shot into another car around 6:15 p.m. on Truman... Read more
8/13/18 - 5:00 am
Boston Police report arresting Kaaron Brown, 31, and seizing cocaine, marijuana and a loaded handgun they say was stolen in... Read more
8/11/18 - 11:15 pm
Victim identified as Alexander Allen, a supervisor with Boston Public Works. Around 11:15 p.m. on Manchester Street at Cedar... Read more
8/11/18 - 10:50 pm
Around 10:5 p.m. at Olney Street and Blakeville. At least one car and one building hit.
Alleged Esplanade groper
8/9/18 - 1:45 pm
State Police report they are looking for a man who slowed down on his bike on the Esplanade long enough to grab two women on... Read more
8/7/18 - 4:30 am
Updated with new info from State Police. State Police report finding a woman who told them she had been raped around 4:30 a.m.... Read more
8/5/18 - 2:46 am
Boston Police report officers watching a party get out at 53 Stanwood St. around 2:45 a.m. saw one guy holding his phone in his... Read more
8/4/18 - 10:55 pm
On Penniman Road at Hano Street, around 10:55 p.m. At least one shell casing found inside the park there.
8/3/18 - 9:15 pm
UPDATE, 10:35 a.m., Saturday: Dorchester Reporter has more details; victim expected to survive. A pedestrian was taken away in... Read more
8/2/18 - 10:18 pm
The Mobil station at Columbus Avenue and Washington Street was held up around 10:15 p.m. The suspect is described as a black... Read more
8/2/18 - 9:55 pm
On Wardman Road, off Westminster Avenue, around 9:55 p.m.
8/2/18 - 5:00 pm
Federal officials charge a Dorchester man used an apartment at 4347 Washington St., near Hayes Road in Roslindale, as a stash... Read more
8/2/18 - 2:00 pm
Police say that officers initially had to watch through the locked doors of a Roxbury community center as another officer... Read more
8/1/18 - 11:45 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot at 26 Torrey St. in Dorchester around 11:45 p.m. on Aug. 1. Trevis Catron, 23, was taken to... Read more
7/31/18 - 11:00 am
Transit Police report arresting Ramon Baez, 31, on charges he stood in the Community College Orange Line stop and pointed his... Read more
7/30/18 - 9:40 pm
Shortly before 9:40 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of his injuries. A second ambulance was called to... Read more
7/30/18 - 4:28 pm
UPDATE: Bail set at $2,000, Suffolk County DA reports. Boston Police report a man with a cast on one leg and holding a cane was... Read more
7/29/18 - 4:25 pm
Around 4:25 p.m. at 755 Tremont St., near Worcester Street, WFXT reports.
7/28/18 - 5:20 pm
Boston Police report seizing four guns on city streets Saturday and Sunday, including one that fell down a man's pants in... Read more
7/26/18 - 7:25 pm
Near the fountains on Boylston Street around 7:25 p.m., NBC Boston reports. The homicide unit was called in because of the... Read more
Wanted for Shandon Road murder
7/26/18 - 6:15 pm
Update: Victim identified as Marcelino Perez, 77. Boston Police report a man in his late 70s was found stabbed to death at 99... Read more
Shooting scene on Norfolk Street
7/25/18 - 10:57 pm
Victim identified as Jorge Baez, 27. Boston Police report two men were shot around 11 p.m. on Wednesday outside 138 Norfolk St... Read more
7/22/18 - 4:30 am
Victim identified as Dahrius Hollins, 28, of Hyde Park. Boston Police report two men were shot at Osceola Street and Hopewell... Read more
Big gun and bullets
7/22/18 - 12:45 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say was hanging around the Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain with a large,... Read more
7/19/18 - 7:50 pm
Four shots, shortly after 7:50 p.m.
7/18/18 - 1:04 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man on gun charges in Dorchester yesterday after, they say, he began to run, pulled... Read more
7/17/18 - 9:00 pm
Around 9 p.m. - about four blocks from where shots were fired last night at Elmhurst Street.
Wanted in connection for shooting
7/17/18 - 11:34 am
Boston Police report a woman was shot inside the restroom of a restaurant at 998 Blue Hill Ave. around 11:35 a.m. on Tuesday.... Read more
7/16/18 - 9:35 pm
Police found a man on Tremont Street at Park Street with fresh slice wounds to the hand he said were inflected by another man... Read more
7/14/18 - 11:30 pm
A 17-year-old and a 13-year-old face charges they put an 18-year-old into the hospital with injuries that have left him unable... Read more
7/12/18 - 12:14 am
Boston Police report arresting a man whose description matched that of the guy spotted by witnesses firing a gun around 12:15... Read more
88 Webster St.
7/8/18 - 12:30 am
Boston Police explosives experts responded 88 Webster St. in East Boston, where Stanley Staco reports a man suffered leg burns... Read more
7/7/18 - 11:30 pm
A man ran into Boston Police headquarters on Tremont Street in Roxbury around 11:30 p.m. with gunshot wounds to the groin and... Read more
7/7/18 - 11:10 pm
Police found him at 274 Lexington St., near Prescott, around 11:10 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of... Read more
7/7/18 - 3:10 pm
Victim identified as Christian Rivera, 29, of Dorchester. Stanley Stacos reports somebody was shot at Humboldt Avenue and... Read more
7/7/18 - 12:40 am
Boston Police report arresting a man on gun charges following a traffic stop on Norfolk Avenue near East Cottage Street around... Read more
7/4/18 - 10:18 pm
Boston Police report last night's paroxysm of gun violence in Dorchester included a man shooting a gun into the air at Claridge... Read more
7/4/18 - 9:50 pm
Victim identified as Deondra Lee, 36, of Dorchester. Boston Police report a man was shot several times at Brookford and Dacia... Read more
7/4/18 - 6:45 pm
WCVB reports four people were shot after a fight near a kiddie bounce house set up on Fayston Street near Dunkeld Street around... Read more
7/4/18 - 12:15 am
Around 12:15 a.m. at 75 Wayland St., off Howard Avenue.
7/3/18 - 11:35 pm
Victim identified as Luis Martin Pinales-Perez, 31. Boston Police report a man was shot outside 134 Crawford St., between... Read more
7/1/18 - 9:55 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun charges not long after officers responded to a report of gunfire in the... Read more
6/30/18 - 11:45 pm
On Neponset Valley Parkway between Albermarle and Buckingham streets around 11:45 p.m. on Saturday, NBC Boston reports.
6/30/18 - 12:45 am
Stanley Staco reports two men were fatally shot on Faneuil Street at Dunboy near Oak Square around 12:50 a.m. Boston Police... Read more
6/28/18 - 12:35 pm
On Blue Hill Avenue at Castlegate around 12:35 p.m. Injury not life threatening.
6/28/18 - 11:21 am
Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man on charges he couldn't be bothered to leave the Town to rob a bank yesterday... Read more
6/27/18 - 10:20 pm
The Venice Convenience Store, 38 Cooper St., was held up shortly after 10:20 p.m. by a man who brandished a handgun at the... Read more
6/27/18 - 8:05 pm
Boston Police report gang officers making a traffic stop on Humphreys Street last night arrested the driver and his passenger... Read more
6/27/18 - 6:53 pm
Shortly before 7 p.m. near Homes Avenue. Matt Reed at WCVB reports two of the men have critical injuries.
6/26/18 - 11:10 pm
A car on Horadan Way and a residence around the corner on St. Alphonsus St. were hit by gunfire around 11:10 p.m. No people hit...
6/25/18 - 12:45 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Winthrop man on charges he got out of a car Monday afternoon and fired into a group of people... Read more
6/24/18 - 9:47 pm
Boston Police report one of two men arrested after refusing to stop shoving the other Sunday night continued his fighty ways... Read more
6/24/18 - 9:30 pm
Boston Police report arresting Mark Mazzone, 30, of Winthrop, on charges he threatened to stab a man with a hypodermic needle... Read more
6/20/18 - 5:20 pm
Boston Police report a Hyde Park man who didn't want to go to the hospital for a psychiatric stay attacked responding officers... Read more
6/16/18 - 7:40 pm
Boston Police recovered several shell casings on Warner Street and one around the corner on Kingsdale Street, after responding... Read more
6/16/18 - 2:32 am
Boston Police report arresting Taurean Pearson, 36, on armed-home invasion charges for an incident early this morning at 42... Read more
6/15/18 - 5:00 pm
WAGS Charlestown, 227 Bunker Hill St., reports they were robbed at gunpoint as they were closing up shop around 5 p.m. on... Read more
6/14/18 - 5:20 pm
Stabbed several times, around 5:20 p.m. outside 9 Notre Dame St., off Washington Street.
6/14/18 - 6:00 am
Police say SWAT team members armed with a search warrant were forced to repeatedly ram the front door at 19 Rosewood St. this... Read more
6/12/18 - 10:33 pm
On Bailey Street, near Washington Street, shortly after 10:30 p.m.
6/12/18 - 4:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting a man from a Pittsburgh suburb on gun charges because while he had a license to carry, it had... Read more
6/9/18 - 11:00 pm
On West Newton Street between Tremont Street and Shawmut Avenue around 11 p.m. Nobody hit.

Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
9/19/18 - 2:18 pm Man shot on Julian Street in Roxbury; suspect arrested Shooting 56 Julian St. Roxbury
9/17/18 - 9:35 pm Two slashed with broken bottle on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury Stabbing Shawmut Avenue and Ball St. Roxbury
9/17/18 - 12:41 am Police: Speeding stop leads to gun arrest in Roxbury Illegal gun possession 66 Burrell St. Roxbury
9/15/18 - 8:10 pm Man shot to death in Grove Hall Murder 500 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
9/14/18 - 9:45 pm Gunfire at Dorchester intersection; man grazed by bullet Shooting Olney St. and Rosseter St. Dorchester
9/14/18 - 3:00 am Woman raped at knifepoint by two men in Allston Rape Commonwealth Ave. and Linden St. Allston
9/13/18 - 9:26 am Student stabbed at Roslindale middle school Stabbing 105 Cummins Highway Roslindale
9/10/18 - 10:53 pm Man charged with stabbing women in series of Mattapan purse snatchings Stabbing 643 Walk Hill St. Mattapant
9/10/18 - 1:07 am Somerville man charged with driving in Seaport with loaded gun Illegal gun possession 51 Seaport Blvd. South Boston
9/9/18 - 4:41 pm Police: New Hampshire man charged with trying to drag girl away from parents near Faneuil Hall Attempted kidnapping Congress St. and North St. Downtown
9/9/18 - 10:00 am Chelsea man charged with sexually attacking woman in corridor at Downtown Crossing station Indecent assault and battery Downtown Crossing Downtown
9/7/18 - 11:15 pm Police: Gun, drug suspect tries to outrun officers in Moakley Park, fails Illegal gun possession Moakley Park South Boston
9/6/18 - 3:41 am Man's body found on Alford Street in Charlestown Murder 75 Alford St. Charlestown
9/4/18 - 10:05 pm Shots fired in Jamaica Plain Park Gunfire Mozart Street Playground Jamaica Plain
9/4/18 - 3:10 pm Man stabbed in the stomach on an MBTA bus in Codman Square Stabbing Talbot Ave. and Whitfield St. Dorchester
9/4/18 - 9:52 am Two fail in knifepoint purse snatching in Dorchester, stick around, get arrested, police say Armed robbery 450 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
9/3/18 - 11:50 pm Man shot at Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Shooting 18 Walden St. Jamaica Plain
9/3/18 - 10:30 pm Police: Guy beats up, spits on elderly man at JFK/UMass T stop Assault and battery JFK/UMass Dorchester
9/3/18 - 9:35 pm Driver shot in Dorchester Shooting Merlin St. Dorchester
9/3/18 - 3:25 pm Man grabs boy's arm at Castle Island, State Police say Assault and battery Castle Island South Boston
9/3/18 - 12:24 pm Man shot on Dorchester Avenue; arrest made Shooting Dorchester Ave. and Centre St. Dorchester
9/3/18 - 1:00 am Man charged with setting several things on fire in Dorchester - including an oil truck Arson 87 Norwell St. Dorchester
8/31/18 - 7:19 pm Man charged with Roxbury armed robbery; was already wearing a GPS device Armed robbery 280 Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
8/30/18 - 8:34 pm Police: Man with loaded gun nabbed on Boylston Street in the Back Bay Illegal gun possession 399 Boylston St. Back Bay
8/30/18 - 1:30 pm Man stabbed in the chest on Norway Street Stabbing Norway St. Fenway
8/29/18 - 7:23 pm Two gun arrests in Dorchester lead to four more arrests, police say Illegal gun possession Esmond St. Dorchester
8/27/18 - 11:05 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 570 Dudley St. Dorchester
8/27/18 - 6:15 am Woman sexually attacked at Bunker Hill Community College 250 New Rutherford Ave. Charlestown
8/25/18 - 10:44 pm Police seek help IDing two downtown A&B suspects Assault and battery Hanover St. and Blackstone St. Downtown
8/25/18 - 6:25 pm Two stabbed on either side of MLK Boulevard Stabbing Bower St. and Walnut Ave. Roxbury
8/25/18 - 3:43 am Gunfire followed by arrest in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Seaver St. Dorchester
8/24/18 - 11:20 pm Gunfire on Dudley Street in Uphams Corner Gunfire Dudley St. and Howard Ave. Dorchester
8/22/18 - 7:12 pm 18-year-old shot to death on Hollander Street in Roxbury Murder 39 Hollander St. Roxbury
8/22/18 - 5:09 pm Two teens arrested after gunfire on Lyford Street in Dorchester Gunfire 130 Callender St. Dorchester
8/19/18 - 1:40 am Person stabbed repeatedly on Bromfield Street downtown Stabbing 69 Bromfield St. Downtown
8/16/18 - 10:50 am Revere man charged with sexual attack on teenager on the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing Indecent assault and battery Washington St. and Summer St. Downtown
8/15/18 - 10:10 pm Man shot at Massachusetts Avenue T stop; suspect nabbed
8/14/18 - 9:48 am Three shot, one dead in Mattapan Murder 27 Deering Rd. Mattapan
8/13/18 - 6:15 pm Car-to-car gunfire shuts Truman Parkway in Hyde Park Shooting Truman Parkway and Neponset Ave. Hyde Park
8/13/18 - 5:00 am SWAT team bursts into Mattapan home, arrests man on drug, gun charges Illegal gun possession 41 Hiawatha Rd. Mattapan
8/11/18 - 11:15 pm Man shot to death on Manchester Street in Mattapan Murder 201 Manchester St. Mattapan
8/11/18 - 10:50 pm Shots fired on Olney Street in Dorchester Gunfire Olney St. and Blakeville St. Dorchester
8/9/18 - 1:45 pm Man on bike groped two women on the Esplanade, State Police say
8/7/18 - 4:30 am State Police: Woman raped on Carson Beach Rape Carson Beach South Boston
8/5/18 - 2:46 am Police say man went to a Grove Hall party with a gun loaded with 15 rounds Illegal gun possession 53 Stanwood St. Dorchester
8/4/18 - 10:55 pm Woman shot in the ankle in Allston Shooting 40 Penniman Rd. Allston
8/3/18 - 9:15 pm Man seriously injured in hit and run outside Ashmont T stop; suspect nabbed after crash a few blocks away Hit and run 1911 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
8/2/18 - 10:18 pm Gas station in Egleston Square held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 3055 Washington St. Roxbury
8/2/18 - 9:55 pm Man found shot in leg and arm near Egleston Square Shooting 7 Wardman Rd. Roxbury
8/2/18 - 5:00 pm Feds say fentanyl dealer used young kids to hand drugs over to buyers at Roslindale apartment Illegal drug possession 4357 Washington St. Roslindale
8/2/18 - 2:00 pm Community-center worker refused to let cops in to help another officer struggling to subdue a suspect, police say Illegal gun possession 122 Dewitt Dr. Roxbury
8/1/18 - 11:45 pm Man shot to death on Torrey Street in Dorchester Murder 26 Torrey St. Dorchester
7/31/18 - 11:00 am Alleged Community College junk waver arrested Open and gross lewdness Community College Charlestown
7/30/18 - 9:40 pm Man shot at Washington and Lagrange in West Roxbury Shooting 2 Lagrange St. West Roxbury
7/30/18 - 4:28 pm Disabled man stomped in Downtown Crossing robbery; one of four suspects nabbed Assault and battery Temple P. and Washington St. Downtown
7/29/18 - 4:25 pm Man stabbed on Tremont Street in the South End Stabbing 755 Tremont St. South End
7/28/18 - 5:20 pm Police say illegal gun falls at officers' feet in Mattapan Illegal gun possession 4 Deering Rd. Mattapan
7/26/18 - 7:25 pm Man stabbed in Copley Square Stabbing 560 Boylston St. Back Bay
7/26/18 - 6:15 pm Elderly man stabbed to death at Franklin Hill Apartments; suspect sought Murder 99 Shandon Rd. Dorchester
7/25/18 - 10:57 pm Two shot, one dead on Norfolk Street in Dorchester Murder 138 Norfolk St. Dorchester
7/22/18 - 4:30 am Two shot, one fatally, on Osceola Street in Mattapan Murder Osceola St. and Hopewell Rd. Mattapan
7/22/18 - 12:45 am Police: Man pulls out fully loaded gun while being chased by police at Hailey Apartments, but tosses it instead of firing it Illegal gun possession 154 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
7/19/18 - 7:50 pm Shots fired at Norton and Stonehurst in Dorchester Gunfire Norton St. and Stonehurst St. Dorchester
7/18/18 - 1:04 pm Police: Gun-toting suspect arrested after running face first into a cruiser in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Geneva Ave. and Leroy St. Dorchester
7/17/18 - 9:00 pm Shots fired at Norfolk and Withington streets in Dorchester Gunfire Norfolk St. and Withington St. Dorchester
7/17/18 - 11:34 am Woman shot inside Blue Hill Avenue restaurant restroom Shooting 998 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
7/16/18 - 9:35 pm Man sliced in hand with machete in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Temple Pl. and Tremont St. Downtown
7/14/18 - 11:30 pm Two teens faces charges they stomped another teen into unconsciousness after a Dorchester party Assault with a dangerous weapon Milton Ave. and Armandine St. Dorchester
7/12/18 - 12:14 am Man arrested after gunfire in the Fenway and car crash in Dudley Square, police say Gunfire 112 Jersey St. Fenway
7/8/18 - 12:30 am East Boston explosion followed by discovery of possible assault weapons Illegal gun possession 88 Webster St. East Boston
7/7/18 - 11:30 pm Gunfire hits man, BPD headquarters in Roxbury Shooting 1 Schroeder St. Roxbury
7/7/18 - 11:10 pm Man stabbed in the throat in East Boston Stabbing 274 Lexington St. East Boston
7/7/18 - 3:10 pm Man shot to death in Roxbury Murder 76 Homestead St. Roxbury
7/7/18 - 12:40 am When gun suspect in car tried flooring it at traffic stop, cop jumped onto him and pulled the parking brake, police say Illegal gun possession 315 Norfolk Ave. Dorchester
7/4/18 - 10:18 pm JP man charged with shooting gun into the air in Dorchester Gunfire Claridge Terrace and Wentworth Street Dorchester
7/4/18 - 9:50 pm Man shot to death at Brookford and Dacia in Dorchester, possibly in drive by Murder Brookford St. and Dacia St. Dorchester
7/4/18 - 6:45 pm Four shot in Dorchester shooting 85 Fayston St. Dorchester
7/4/18 - 12:15 am Man shot in the leg on Wayland Street in Dorchester Shooting 75 Wayland St. Dorchester
7/3/18 - 11:35 pm Man shot to death on Crawford Street in Roxbury Murder 134 Crawford St. Roxbury
7/1/18 - 9:55 am Gunfire followed by arrest in Mattapan; police say suspect tried to hide gun by tossing it on garage roof Illegal gun possession 449 Norfolk St. Mattapan
6/30/18 - 11:45 pm Man shot in Readville Shooting 153 Neponset Valley Parkway Hyde Park
6/30/18 - 12:45 am Two men shot dead in Brighton Murder Faneuil St. and Dunboy St. Brighton
6/28/18 - 12:35 pm Man stabbed in the arm on Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Castlegate St. Dorchester
6/28/18 - 11:21 am Police arrest man with cash stuffed down the front of his pants for Charlestown bank robbery Bank robbery 1 Thompson Sq. Charlestown
6/27/18 - 10:20 pm North End market held up at gunpoint, for second time this year Armed robbery 38 Cooper St. North End
6/27/18 - 8:05 pm Two Rhode Islanders face gun charges after Uphams Corner traffic stop Illegal gun possession 56 Humphreys St. Dorchester
6/27/18 - 6:53 pm Three shot on Draper Street in Dorchester Shooting Draper St. and Homes Ave. Dorchester
6/26/18 - 11:10 pm Car, residence hit by gunfire on Mission Hill Gunfire Horadan Way and St. Alphonsus St. Mission Hill
6/25/18 - 12:45 pm Winthrop man charged with Dorchester shooting Shooting 24 Bishop Joe L. Smith Way Dorchester
6/24/18 - 9:47 pm For second time in a week, somebody bites a Boston cop Assault and battery 263 Fuller St. Dorchester
6/24/18 - 9:30 pm Winthrop man charged with using hypodermic needle in South End robbery Armed robbery 29 E. Springfield St. South End
6/20/18 - 5:20 pm Police: Hyde Park man bites cop in the head after trying to stab him and other officers with screwdrivers Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 71 Central Ave. Hyde Park
6/16/18 - 7:40 pm Girl found injured after gunfire in Dorchester, possibly from riccocheting bullet fragment Gunfire Kingsdale St. and Warner St. Dorchester
6/16/18 - 2:32 am Guy posing as cop slashes man with knife in Dorchester home invasion, police say Armed home invasion 42 Lyon St. Dorchester
6/15/18 - 5:00 pm Charlestown dog grooming and walking service robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 227 Bunker Hill St. Charlestown
6/14/18 - 5:20 pm Man stabbed on Notre Dame Street in Roxbury Stabbing 1 Notre Dame St. Roxbury
6/14/18 - 6:00 am Police: SWAT team had to slam door more than 100 times with battering ram to get into Mattapan house for search Illegal gun possession 19 Rosewood St. Mattapan
6/12/18 - 10:33 pm Car window shot out, man inside gets cut hand from glass Gunfire 8 Bailey St. Dorchester
6/12/18 - 4:10 pm Man travels from Pittsburgh to Boston with a gun, lot of ammo and a Kevlar vest; gets arrested Illegal gun possession 700 Atlantic Ave. Downtown
6/9/18 - 11:00 pm Shots fired in the South End Gunfire 82 W. Newton St. South End