Boston crime

2/17/19 - 1:55 am
WCVB reports a man was stabbed outside Taverna Medallo, 411 Chelsea St., around 2 a.m. The homicide unit was called in due to... Read more
2/15/19 - 9:45 pm
Boston Police report arresting three out-of-towners in Maverick Square while looking for whoever put up those white-supremacist... Read more
2/13/19 - 3:25 pm
Boston Police report arresting Branden Barrett, 30, of Canton, after, they say, officers watched him sell some drugs on Truman... Read more
Photos showing woman wanted for South Boston bank robbery
2/13/19 - 2:00 pm
The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force is looking for a woman who robbed the East Boston Savings Bank branch at 430 West Broadway on... Read more
2/12/19 - 11:07 am
Boston Police report a person was stabbed at 148 Stanwood St. around 11 a.m. on Tuesday. Police add that some officers going to... Read more
2/12/19 - 1:28 am
Boston Police report arresting two men they say jumped into a parked minivan early this morning and then demanded money.... Read more
2/10/19 - 12:06 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on charges he threatened clerks at the 7-Eleven at 177 State St., near the... Read more
Wanted for an attack early Saturday in the South End
2/9/19 - 2:45 am
UPDATE: WFXT reports the victim is Chris Stone, 22, and he needed emergency brain surgery. Boston Police have released photos... Read more
2/7/19 - 9:33 pm
A 15-year-old, in the foot, shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Border Street near Sumner Street in a drive-by. Police found a car with... Read more
2/6/19 - 1:23 pm
Boston Police report officers responding to a report of gunfire on Elm Hill Avenue near Cheney Street around 1:20 p.m.... Read more
2/5/19 - 6:07 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot shortly after 6 p.m. on Tuesday at 55 Evelyn St., near Norfolk Street, in Mattapan. Police... Read more
2/5/19 - 1:55 pm
NBC Boston reports the owner of Columbia Road Market, 387 Columbia Rd., was held up at gunpoint shortly before 2 p.m. on... Read more
2/4/19 - 12:35 pm
Update: Victim died, identified as Juan Morales, 32, of Fitchburg. Alertpageboston reports somebody was shot shortly before 1 p... Read more
2/3/19 - 11:25 pm
On Esmond Street near the intersection with Bradshaw Street, shortly before 11:30 p.m.
2/3/19 - 9:54 am
Boston Police report a man was shot to death shortly before 10 a.m. at 60 Goodale Rd., between Blue Hill Avenue and Wellington... Read more
2/3/19 - 2:58 am
Boston Police report arresting Leonard Payne, 54, of Hyde Park on charges he held up two employees inside the Cask 'n Flagon on... Read more
2/3/19 - 12:57 am
Boston Police report officers who pulled four teens out of a car on Mass. Ave. in Newmarket Square early this morning because a... Read more
2/1/19 - 9:05 pm
One car was hit during an incident shortly after 9 p.m. outside 71 Westminster Ave., in which as many as nine shots may have... Read more
Columbus Avenue and Ritchie Street crime scene
1/29/19 - 8:45 pm
Around 8:45 p.m. at Columbus Avenue and Ritchie Street, Alert Page Boston reports.
1/29/19 - 2:20 am
The Daily Free Press reports the 7-Eleven on Commonwealth Avenue at Harvard Avenue was held up by a masked man with a gun... Read more
1/26/19 - 5:11 pm
Boston Police report two men were shot shortly after 5 p.m. at 49 Withington St. in Codman Square. Both were taken to local... Read more
1/24/19 - 10:44 pm
Boston Police report arresting Adelson Lovensky, 21, on charges he stabbed a man on Tremont Street near Park Street around 10:... Read more
Coco the dog
1/22/19 - 6:45 pm
UPDATE: Bail set at $1,000, judge barred Webb from having anything to do with animals while case is pending, Coco in care of... Read more
1/19/19 - 2:30 pm
Around 2:20 p.m. on River Street at Barry Street. Multiple shots fired. Police are also investigating a car crash on River... Read more
1/18/19 - 3:36 pm
Two men who got into an argument on Washington Street in Egleston Square pulled out guns and fired at each other shortly after... Read more
1/15/19 - 4:50 am
Boston Police report arresting Rufus Davis on gun and drug charges after a SWAT team burst into his Cardington Street apartment... Read more
1/13/19 - 3:20 pm
Boston Police report arresting Thiago Oliveira, 28, for an incident around 3:20 p.m. yesterday in which he allegedly burst into... Read more
1/12/19 - 10:05 pm
Victim identified as Edward Mowring, 70. Boston Police report a man was stabbed shortly before 10 p.m. at 49 Blue Hill Ave. He... Read more
1/11/19 - 11:06 pm
Boston Police report Danny Nunez, 26, of Hyde Park, is charged with repeatedly shooting a man at 12 Halborn St., near West... Read more
Wanted for assault and battery at Ashmont on the Red Line
1/11/19 - 10:00 pm
Transit Police have released a photo of a man they say will be charged with assault and battery on a 71-year-old man for an... Read more
1/10/19 - 9:30 pm
Henry's Market, 892 South St. in Roslindale, was held up around 9:30 p.m. by a man who showed a gun, took cash, then ran up... Read more
1/9/19 - 2:50 pm
Boston Police report arresting Terrell Williams, 22, of Roxbury on charges he shot another man at 4 Brinton St., off Marcella... Read more
1/8/19 - 4:31 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot at 42 Crawford St. in Roxbury around 4:30 p.m. Police say the man, in his late 20s, was... Read more
1/2/19 - 12:00 pm
State Police report a man was stabbed on the second floor of the Suffolk Superior Courthouse in Pemberton Square - where all... Read more
1/1/19 - 1:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting Josiah Stirling, 29, of West Roxbury and Naquan Mahone, 23, of Mattapan, on gun charges after a... Read more
1/1/19 - 3:05 am
Victim identified as Emmanuel Molin, 32, of Taunton. Boston Police report a man was shot around 3 a.m. outside 19 Johnston Rd... Read more
Suspect in Public Garden stabbing and robbery
12/31/18 - 10:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Lynn man for a New Year's Eve robbery and stabbing in the Public Garden. Joshua Enos, 21, of... Read more
12/31/18 - 2:15 pm
Boston Police report arresting a South Boston man yesterday on charges he shot another man on Dorchester Avenue at Adams Street... Read more
12/29/18 - 8:24 pm
Boston Police report a man was stabbed several times outside 660 Washington St., between Essex and Beach streets around 8:20 p.... Read more
12/29/18 - 12:57 am
Boston Police report arresting four men they say stole a man's tablet computer and phone at knifepoint on Trull Street in... Read more
12/28/18 - 8:55 pm
Around 8:55 p.m. Casings recovered, no victims, though.
12/27/18 - 9:24 pm
Boston Police report a man was attacked and held up at gunpoint "by a group of males and a female," at Boston and Howell... Read more
12/27/18 - 12:30 am
Victim identified as Myssiah Pledger, 18. WHDH reports three people were shot on Astoria Street in Mattapan around 12:30 a.m.... Read more
12/26/18 - 10:00 am
A man was stabbed in the leg during a robbery on Bowdoin Street near Adams Street around 10 a.m. and made his way to a local... Read more
12/24/18 - 1:04 pm
Updated with arraignment information. Boston Police report arresting one of their own for the gunshot injuries his wife... Read more
12/24/18 - 12:27 am
Boston Police report a man was punched and then stabbed outside 760 Cummins Highway, at Favre Street, around 12:25 a.m. The... Read more
12/23/18 - 7:15 pm
In the foot, on Washington Street around 7:15 p.m., Crime Hub reports.
12/22/18 - 8:30 pm
Boston Police report officers investigating gunfire in the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Winthrop Street around 8:30 p.m. on... Read more
12/21/18 - 12:35 am
Victim identified as Joao "Johny" Alves. GoFundMe page for his family. Boston Police report a man was shot around 12:30 a.m. at... Read more
12/19/18 - 1:00 am
Updated with change of apparent weapon from knife to broken glass. NBC Boston reports three people were slashed - including the... Read more
12/18/18 - 2:30 am
A man who was having a good time chatting with two strangers he met on the Common early Tuesday went home with them - only to... Read more
12/17/18 - 2:14 pm
Boston Police report a traffic stop at Columbia Road and Washington Street in Dorchester yesterday ended with the arrest of two... Read more
12/17/18 - 10:05 am
Boston Police report arresting two 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old on a charge they attacked a clerk at Skylight Jewelers, 44... Read more
12/14/18 - 11:45 pm
WCVB reports that a man walking home from work through the Southwest Corridor Park late Friday was punched repeatedly in the... Read more
12/14/18 - 3:00 pm
Around 3 p.m.
12/11/18 - 3:35 pm
Boston Police report arresting two of the three teens they say were involved in a beating and robbery of another teen just... Read more
12/10/18 - 9:55 pm
Victim identified as Gregory Phillips, 25, of Dorchester. Shortly before 10 p.m. on outside 155 Savannah Ave.. The victim was... Read more
12/8/18 - 11:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man for opening fire during a home invasion at 61 Logan Way on Dec. 8. Tyrone Green,... Read more
West Roxbury bank robbery suspect
12/4/18 - 10:04 am
The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports it's looking for a guy who walked into the TD Bank branch at 1833 Centre St. around... Read more
12/1/18 - 10:05 pm
Outside 98 Heath St., where a car was also hit with gunfire, shortly after 10 p.m., although the victim was found in 106 Heath... Read more
12/1/18 - 2:00 am
WCVB reports Matthew Hickey has been suspended - with pay - as State Police investigate whether he attacked a woman so... Read more
11/30/18 - 9:30 pm
Around 9:30 on Creighton Street between Bynner and Centre streets.
Codman Square blocked off
11/30/18 - 7:15 pm
Victim identified as Nervan Joshua Luc, 19. A man was fatally shot in the head as he sat in a car on Norwell Street, near... Read more
11/30/18 - 11:26 am
UPDATE: Ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Boston Police report... Read more
11/28/18 - 12:15 pm
Boston Police report arresting Marybeth Bilodeau, 39, of 168 West Springfield St., near Tremont, after finding "a loaded .40... Read more
11/27/18 - 11:15 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 16-year-old from Mattapan on charges he opened fire on at least two other people on Dabney... Read more
11/26/18 - 2:29 am
Boston Police report arresting three men, each armed with a loaded gun, following a traffic stop on Dudley Street early this... Read more
11/25/18 - 9:50 pm
In the stomach, shortly before 10 p.m. on River Street between West and Arlington streets, Doogs reports.
11/25/18 - 2:10 am
Boston Police report a Lexington man was drunk early this morning when he sped past officers at a traffic stop on Blue Hill... Read more
11/24/18 - 4:55 pm
Transit Police report arresting a Dedham man they say screamed racial epithets at a Route 30 driver and then threw a rock at... Read more
Wanted for South Boston bank robbery
11/23/18 - 5:49 pm
The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force is looking for a man who held up the East Boston Savings Bank branch at 501 Southampton St.... Read more
11/22/18 - 1:15 am
Updated, 4:30 p.m. Boston Police report a man was shot at 6 Hoffman St., off Chestnut Avenue, around 1:15 a.m. He was taken to... Read more
11/21/18 - 4:29 pm
Boston Police report officers asked to check on the well being of a man at 614 Columbia Rd. found the man dead, around 4:30 p.m... Read more
11/20/18 - 1:30 pm
UPDATE: Ordered held without bail pending a hearing on Nov. 29. Boston Police report arresting a West Roxbury man they say... Read more
11/20/18 - 9:30 am
The Brighton High School building was put in safe mode for about 90 minutes this morning after a hallway fight around 9:30 a.m... Read more
11/19/18 - 9:30 pm
On Dudley Street at Warren Street, around 9:30 p.m. Police found a man and a woman, both with gunshot wounds to the leg. About... Read more
11/19/18 - 5:45 pm
Woman identified as Lodimira Dos Santos, 23. WFXT reports a man and a woman were fatally shot around 5:45 p.m. at 60 Bickford... Read more
11/19/18 - 10:40 am
Boston Police report officers chased a gun-packing man through the streets of Downtown Crossing Monday morning before nabbing... Read more
11/18/18 - 7:00 pm
Transit Police report arresting Mark Hurd, 56, of Dorchester on a charge of indecent assault on a minor for an incident around... Read more
11/18/18 - 1:58 am
Victim identified as Korey Wornum-Parker, 28, of Roxbury. Boston Police report a man was shot shortly before 2 a.m. at 10... Read more
Detectives at Mattapan stabbing scene
11/18/18 - 12:35 am
KMV reports a man was stabbed on the 800 block of Cummins Highway early this morning.
11/17/18 - 10:13 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Weymouth woman and two 17-year-olds after a brawl Saturday night they say started when... Read more
11/17/18 - 6:35 pm
Around 6:35 p.m. At least two shots fired, gun recovered off Gavin Way.
11/16/18 - 11:45 pm
UPDATE: Two arrested for dragging the teen with their car. State Police report an 18-year-old suffered life-threatening... Read more
11/15/18 - 6:07 am
Shortly after 6 a.m., per PCFN and Monica Cannon-Grant.
Surveillance photo
11/14/18 - 12:28 pm
Boston Police report they are looking for a man who tried to rape a woman around 12:30 p.m. in the area of East Canton and... Read more
Jackson Square car crash
11/13/18 - 3:30 pm
Somebody was shot seriously enough at 265 Centre St., next to the Jackson Square Orange Line stop to have the homicide unit... Read more
11/11/18 - 11:27 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say backed into a cruiser, injuring the officer inside, and then drove right into an... Read more
11/9/18 - 2:30 am
Boston Police report arresting one of the three people they say robbed a woman on Warren Street between Dudley and Zeigler... Read more
11/8/18 - 8:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say pointed a gun at his opponent in an argument Wednesday morning. Police say... Read more
11/4/18 - 8:15 pm
J & G Market, 274 Hyde Park Ave., in Jamaica Plain, was held up around 8:15 p.m. by a man with a gun. Suspect described as... Read more
Wanted for sexual assault on a child
11/3/18 - 6:46 pm
Boston Police have released a photo of a man wanted for sexually attacking a child in a hallway of a Hammond Street building... Read more
Child rape suspect
11/3/18 - 12:00 pm
Boston Police report they are looking for Edwin Fantauzzi, 30, of Lawrence, on charges he sexually attacked a child under 14 at... Read more
11/3/18 - 8:08 am
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man Saturday morning by officers investigating gunfire and an attempted murder in the... Read more
11/3/18 - 12:04 am
Boston Police report arresting a man and a 14-year-old for a knifepoint holdup at an East Cottage Street market early Saturday... Read more
11/1/18 - 8:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 16-year-old from Hyde Park on gun charges at the Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain... Read more
11/1/18 - 7:02 pm
Boston Police report arresting a man they say pointed a gun at another car around 7 p.m. yesterday at Beacon and Park streets.... Read more
10/31/18 - 7:30 pm
Updated with BPD info. Boston Police report two men were stabbed around 7:30 p.m. at 70 Cedar St. PCFN reports one of the men... Read more
10/28/18 - 8:31 pm
Boston Police report arresting four people for an incident at the Roche Bros., 8 Summer St., around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. Police... Read more
10/23/18 - 2:30 pm
Transit Police report officers doing the usual after-school presence in the Forest Hills lobby Tuesday afternoon wound up... Read more

Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
2/17/19 - 1:55 am Man stabbed outside East Boston bar at closing Stabbing 411 Chelsea St. East Boston
2/15/19 - 9:45 pm Police: Officers looking for Nazi-poster hangers arrest three out of towners in masks with spray paint Assault and battery 1 Winthrop St. East Boston
2/13/19 - 3:25 pm Teen sent away for 14 years after shooting another teen returns to Boston a man and is charged as a gun-toting heroin dealer Illegal gun possession 792 Truman Parkway Hyde Park
2/13/19 - 2:00 pm Woman robs South Boston bank once a year; FBI hopes to put an end to that Bank robbery 430 W. Broadway South Boston
2/12/19 - 11:07 am Person stabbed on Stanwood Street in Dorchester Stabbing 148 Stanwood St. Dorchester
2/12/19 - 1:28 am Two arrested for early morning carjacking in Chinatown
2/10/19 - 12:06 am Police: Shoplifter escapes State Street convenience store by waving knife at clerks; gets arrested at another disturbance Assault with a dangerous weapon 177 State St. Downtown
2/9/19 - 2:45 am Several sought for brutal South End beating Assault and battery Harrison Ave. and Fay St. South End
2/7/19 - 9:33 pm Teen shot on Sumner Street in East Boston Shooting Border St. and Sumner St. East Boston
2/6/19 - 1:23 pm Teen arrested after midday gunfire on Elm Hill Avenue in Roxbury Gunfire 72 Elm Hill Ave. Roxbury
2/5/19 - 6:07 pm Man shot on Evelyn Street in Mattapan Shooting 55 Evelyn St. Mattapan
2/5/19 - 1:55 pm Dorchester market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 387 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
2/4/19 - 12:35 pm Man shot on Northampton Street Murder 181 Northampton St. Roxbury
2/3/19 - 11:25 pm Shots fired on Esmond Street in Dorchester Gunfire 65 Esmond St. Dorchester
2/3/19 - 9:54 am Man shot to death on Goodale Road in Mattapan; arrest made Murder 60 Goodale Rd. Mattapan
2/3/19 - 2:58 am Police: Hyde Park man holds up Cask 'n Flagon employees, fires gun Armed robbery 62 Brookline Ave. Fenway
2/3/19 - 12:57 am Teens face gun, drug charges after traffic stop in Newmarket Square Illegal gun possession 870 Massachusetts Ave. Roxbury
2/1/19 - 9:05 pm Multiple rounds fired on Westminster Avenue in Egleston Square Gunfire 71 Westminster Ave. Roxbury
1/29/19 - 8:45 pm Person shot on Columbus Avenue in Jackson Square Shooting Columbus Ave. and Ritchie St. Roxbury
1/29/19 - 2:20 am Allston convenience store held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 1227 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
1/26/19 - 5:11 pm Two shot in Dorchester, one dead Murder 49 Withington St. Dorchester
1/24/19 - 10:44 pm Man charged with a stabbing downtown, a few months after he was charged with a pistol whipping downtown Stabbing 125 Tremont St. Downtown
1/22/19 - 6:45 pm Large man charged with beating small dog at Ashmont T station Animal cruelty Ashmont MBTA Station Dorchester
1/19/19 - 2:30 pm Person shot on River Street in Hyde Park Shooting 1378 River St. Hyde Park
1/18/19 - 3:36 pm Two men get into shootout in Egleston Square; one dead, the other hospitalized Murder School St. and Washington St. Jamaica Plain
1/15/19 - 4:50 am Roxbury man arrested on gun charges and not for the first time Illegal gun possession 5 Cardington St. Roxbury
1/13/19 - 3:20 pm Hyde Park man charged with armed home invasion on own street Armed home invasion 42 Neponset Ave. Hyde Park
1/12/19 - 10:05 pm Man stabbed to death at Blue Hill Avenue and Winthrop Street in Roxbury Murder 49 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
1/11/19 - 11:06 pm Man charged with shooting on Halborn Street in Mattapan Shooting 12 Halborn St. Mattapan
1/11/19 - 10:00 pm Pushy Ashmont fare piggybacker wouldn't take no for an answer, police, victim say Assault and battery Ashmont MBTA Station Dorchester
1/10/19 - 9:30 pm Roslindale market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 892 South St. Roslindale
1/9/19 - 2:50 pm Man charged with shooting near Marcella Street in Roxbury Shooting 4 Brinton St. Roxbury
1/8/19 - 4:31 pm Man shot to death on Crawford Street in Roxbury Murder 42 Crawford St. Roxbury
1/2/19 - 12:00 pm Man stabbed inside Suffolk Superior Courthouse Stabbing 3 Pemberton Sq. Beacon Hill
1/1/19 - 1:00 pm Two men arrested on gun charges in Mattapan in 2017 arrested again on gun charges in Mattapan Illegal gun possession Woodruff Way and Woodbole Ave. Mattapan
1/1/19 - 3:05 am Man shot to death on Dorchester/Mattapan line Murder 19 Johnston Rd. Dorchester
12/31/18 - 10:00 pm Man stabbed, robbed in Public Garden, forced to ATM to withdraw more money; suspect arrested Stabbing 4 Charles St. Back Bay
12/31/18 - 2:15 pm Suspect arrested for daytime shooting in Fields Corner on Dec. 31 Shooting 1439 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
12/29/18 - 8:24 pm Man stabbed in Chinatown; suspect arrested Stabbing 660 Washington St. Chinatown
12/29/18 - 12:57 am Four armed robbers didn't get far with stolen tablet and phone, police say Armed robbery 14 Trull St. Dorchester
12/28/18 - 8:55 pm Shots fired at Fairmount and Capen in Dorchester Gunfire Fairmount St. and Capen St. Dorchester
12/27/18 - 9:24 pm Man held up at gunpoint on Boston Street in Dorchester; one suspect arrested Armed robbery Boston St. and Howell St. Dorchester
12/27/18 - 12:30 am Three shot in Mattapan, one dead Murder Astoria Street Mattapan
12/26/18 - 10:00 am Man stabbed in leg in Dorchester robbery Stabbing 347 Bowdoin St. Dorchester
12/24/18 - 1:04 pm Gang-unit cop charged with shooting his wife in their Hyde Park home; police say he lied to detectives Shooting 2 Garfield Ave. Hyde Park
12/24/18 - 12:27 am Man stabbed on Cummins Highway in Mattapan; suspect arrested Stabbing 760 Cummins Highway Mattapan
12/23/18 - 7:15 pm Person shot in Dudley Square Shooting 2475 Washington St. Roxbury
12/22/18 - 8:30 pm Man arrested on gun and drug charges by officers investigating Roxbury gunfire Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Ave. and La Grange Pl. Roxbury
12/21/18 - 12:35 am Man fatally shot on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury Murder 198 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
12/19/18 - 1:00 am Three slashed with broken glass at Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Stabbing 30 Bickford St. Jamaica Plain
12/18/18 - 2:30 am Two charged with kidnapping man they met on Boston Common and took home, then wouldn't let go without payment, police say
12/17/18 - 2:14 pm Man who shot two state troopers in 1988 arrested on gun charges in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Washington St. Dorchester
12/17/18 - 10:05 am Teen beats up clerk at Downtown Crossing jewelry store as others cheer, police say Assault and battery 44 School St. Downtown
12/14/18 - 11:45 pm Man punched in face and head in South End robbery; now has two steel plates in jaw
12/14/18 - 3:00 pm Person shot on Corona Street in Dorchester
12/11/18 - 3:35 pm Two teens charged with beating third teen in robbery at O'Bryant School Assault and battery 55 Malcolm X Blvd. Roxbury
12/10/18 - 9:55 pm Man shot to death in car on Savannah Avenue in Mattapan Murder 155 Savannah Ave. Mattapan
12/8/18 - 11:00 pm Man charged with firing gun in South Boston home invasion Armed home invasion 61 Logan Way South Boston
12/4/18 - 10:04 am Man sought for attempted West Roxbury bank robbery Bank robbery 1833 Centre St. West Roxbury
12/1/18 - 10:05 pm Person shot in the arm at Hailey Apartments Shooting 98 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
12/1/18 - 2:00 am State trooper suspended after arrest for assault and battery in Dorchester Assault and battery 367 Neponset Ave. Dorchester
11/30/18 - 9:30 pm Shots fired near Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain Gunfire 14 Creighton St. Jamaica Plain
11/30/18 - 7:15 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester, found outside hall where residents, officials were discussing public safety Murder 44 Norwell St. Dorchester
11/30/18 - 11:26 am Charlestown bank robbery suspect has long record, was key witness in Newton murder-for-hire case Bank robbery 5 Austin St. Charlestown
11/28/18 - 12:15 pm South End woman faces charges for the gun, drugs police say she kept at home Illegal gun possession 168 W. Springfield St. South End
11/27/18 - 11:15 pm 16-year-old charged with trying to shoot someone in Roxbury Gunfire 15 Dabney St. Roxbury
11/26/18 - 2:29 am Police: Man reaches for loaded gun during Roxbury traffic stop; passengers were also packing firearms Illegal gun possession 407 Dudley St. Roxbury
11/25/18 - 9:50 pm Person stabbed during robbery on River Street in Hyde Park Stabbing 1045 River St. Hyde Park
11/25/18 - 2:10 am Police: Loaded gun found in car whose driver zoomed past a cruiser with his headlights off in the rain Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Ave. and American Legion Highway Dorchester
11/24/18 - 4:55 pm Police: Man throws rock at T bus driver who kicked him off a bus at Mattapan station Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Mattapan Square Mattapan
11/23/18 - 5:49 pm Man wanted for making Black Friday withdrawal at Andrew Square bank Bank robbery 501 Southampton St. South Boston
11/22/18 - 1:15 am Man shot to death in Jamaica Plain Murder 6 Hoffman St. Jamaica Plain
11/21/18 - 4:29 pm Police investigate man's death in Uphams Corner Suspicious death 614 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
11/20/18 - 1:30 pm Police: West Roxbury man with shotgun goes on blocks-long rampage after being asked to move SUV blocking entrance to Roche Bros. Illegal gun possession Washington St. and Bexley Rd. Roslindale
11/20/18 - 9:30 am Fight at Brighton High ends with one student stabbing another with a pencil
11/19/18 - 9:30 pm Three shot in Dudley Square Shooting 144 Dudley St. Roxbury
11/19/18 - 5:45 pm Two shot to death at Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain, third person stabbed Shooting 60 Bickford St. Jamaica Plain
11/19/18 - 10:40 am Police: Officers chase man with gun through Downtown Crossing; corner him in mall men's room Illegal gun possession Tremont St. and Temple Pl. Downtown
11/18/18 - 7:00 pm Man charged with sexually attacking girl selling cookies at Ashmont T station Indecent assault and battery Peabody Square Dorchester
11/18/18 - 1:58 am Man shot to death on Westmore Road in Mattapan Murder 10 Westmore Rd. Mattapan
11/18/18 - 12:35 am Man stabbed on Cummins Highway in Mattapan Stabbing 850 Cumins Highway Mattapan
11/17/18 - 10:13 pm Police: Mom at Hailey Apartments starts swinging at officers trying to arrest her gun-toting son Illegal gun possession 950 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
11/17/18 - 6:35 pm Gunfire near Old Colony Avenue footbridge in South Boston Gunfire Old Colony Ave. South Boston
11/16/18 - 11:45 pm Teen seriously injured on Gallivan Boulevard Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Gallivan Blvd. and Washington St. Dorchester
11/15/18 - 6:07 am Person shot in the leg on Magnolia Street in Dorchester Shooting 94 Magnolia St. Dorchester
11/14/18 - 12:28 pm Man sought after midday attempted rape in the South End Attempted rape E. Canton St. and Albany St. South End
11/13/18 - 3:30 pm Shooting, car crash near Jackson Square T stop Shooting 265 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
11/11/18 - 11:27 am Middleboro man charged with ramming, injuring two police officers in Dorchester in failed attempt to steal a truck Assault with intent to murder 192 Boston St. Dorchester
11/9/18 - 2:30 am Police: Three people mug woman in Dudley Square, one arrested Unarmed robbery 48 Warren St. Roxbury
11/8/18 - 8:00 am Police: Man used a gun to make a point in an argument in Dorchester Assault with a dangerous weapon Harvard St. and Esmond St. Dorchester
11/4/18 - 8:15 pm Market on Hyde Park Avenue in Jamaica Plain held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 274 Hyde Park Ave. Jamaica Plain
11/3/18 - 6:46 pm Man wanted for sexual assault on a child on Hammond Street in lower Roxbury Sexual assault Hammond St. Roxbury
11/3/18 - 12:00 pm Police hunt man for sexually attacking a child in Roxbury Indecent assault and battery 10 Hammond St. Roxbury
11/3/18 - 8:08 am Dry undershirt in pouring rain gave away South End gunfire suspect, police say Attempted murder Emerald Ct. South End
11/3/18 - 12:04 am Clerk at Dorchester market used trash barrel to block robber who kept trying to stab him, police say Armed robbery 187 E. Cottage St. Dorchester
11/1/18 - 8:00 pm Police: Teen found packing loaded gun in her pants at Hailey Apartments Illegal gun possession 170 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
11/1/18 - 7:02 pm Atlanta man with suspended Mass. driver's license charged with pointing gun at another car in Beacon Hill road rager, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon Beacon St. and Park St. Beacon Hill
10/31/18 - 7:30 pm Man stabbed on Cedar Street in Roxbury Stabbing 70 Cedar St. Roxbury
10/28/18 - 8:31 pm Four attack woman in downtown Roche Bros. after robbing her earlier in the day, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 8 Summer St. Downtown
10/23/18 - 2:30 pm Police: Man was walking around Forest Hills T station with a loaded gun and counterfeit money Illegal gun possession Washington St. and New Washington St. Jamaica Plain