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Police: Teens harassing couple on the Green Line beat up college student who tried to get them to stop, steal his sneakers

Transit Police report arresting four teenagers, from Roslindale, Chelsea and Roxbury on charges they attacked and robbed a college student who got between them and a couple they were harassing on an inbound Green Line trolley Saturday night.

It's an attack that bears some similarities to attacks by teens on the T last month. Transit Police say they are looking into whether all the attacks are connected.

According to police, the student told the teens to leave the couple alone, specifically, to back away from them and stop making lewd comments to the woman, shortly after 8 p.m.

The group then turned their attention to the victim by spitting in his face multiple times. Upon arrival to Park Street station the victim exited the trolley and was surrounded by the group who proceeded to punch and kick the victim, removing his sneakers, a chain from his neck and US Currency from his person.

The group then split up, but pursuing offices nabbed all four, along Winter Street between Park Street and the Downtown Crossing T stop. Police did not release their names because of their ages, which ranged between 15 and 17. Police added one of the four was arrested while still in possession of the victim's sneakers. They were charged with assault and battery and unarmed robbery, police say.

On Dec. 27, Transit Police arrested three teens they say beat up a man at the Downtown Crossing T stop when he objected to them firing Nerf guns at his head. Police said at the time, the teens, plus three or four others who evaded them, might have been responsible for other attacks in the area.

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