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Hail of gunfire sends bullets into three houses, leaves streets littered with shell casings in area of Speedwell and Topliff in Dorchester

Around 9:10 p.m., several people opened fire, possibly in a gun battle, in the area of Speedwell and Topliff streets in Dorchester.

Bullets flew into two residences on Levant Street and one on Topliff, another house was hit, but the bullet didn't enter. Police found dozens of shell casings, including a number in front of a hair salon at Topliff and Bowdoin streets, where two men opened fire before fleeing on separate scooters. More shell casings were found a couple doors down. A live round turned up on Corona Street, several blocks away.

Police found a gun on Corona Street and Louis D. Brown Way.

Nobody appeared to be hit.



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The mayor should be speaking after bullets fly into people’s homes.

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Well Adam, it's been a while since you've crowed about the plummeting violent crime rate.

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Here are the latest BPD crime stats. And look at that: Overall, crime in Boston IS down over last year, and over the five-year average. Imagine that!

For the can't-see-gray crowd: Nobody has ever said there is NO crime in Boston, but, yes, it's no longer the 1980s, when crime, especially murder, was way higher than it is now.

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So having everyone placed under house arrest do to the virus is the solution to crime control.

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