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Huge South Bay brawl ends with eight teens and pre-teens arrested

Also see: Brawl outside Tremont Street movie theater.

Boston Police report arresting eight people, between 12 and 17, after a large fight in which some of the combatants allegedly directed their small fists of fury at officers as well, outside the movie theater Sunday afternoon.

WFXT reports the brawl grew to as large as 200 people at one point - and that theater workers tried to evacuate movie goers at the height of it all.

Police say officers from several districts and state troopers responded to 36 District Ave. between the old Olive Garden and the new Starbucks, around 4:50 p.m. for a fight involving a large group:

Officers observed the large group of juveniles causing disturbances. Multiple Juveniles failed to disperse from the area and became confrontational with officers. As officers attempted to apprehend suspects, they were met with resistance by other juveniles who began to assault officers.

Aside from one 14-year-old, who was charged with being delinquent for disturbing the peace, all the teens and the two 12-year-olds were charged with being delinquent for assault and battery. One of the 12-year-olds was also charged with being delinquent for assault and battery on a police officer, as were three 14-year-olds and a 17-year-old, police say.



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If you want safely, there is always Boston Common

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this didn't age too well.

Guess the $4 movie tickets thing was a really big deal

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this troll's posts aren't that good even before they age

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Well, it also happened at at least one other AMC $4 movie day:


Anybody check them appwebs yet, to see if this was some nefarious, specious, and cynical plot?

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for the movie theater and the restaurants

Movie theater will go first. Pay to watch a movie with rowdy teens talking and a score of lit phone screens in front of you? Nah.

I predict Home Depot will survive long term. Might be the only one.

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Movie Theatres will close based on price.

Tell me.. why would I want to pay 20 bucks to go see movie, then another 30 or in popcorn/drinks. When I can wait six months and it'll be on Netflix or I can just buy the Bluray for 30 bucks (which is what I do).

There's no point anymore unless you really like that movie theatre experience, but that is all gone when a group of teenagers is yapping and on their phones thru the entire movie.

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I think the only ones worth it at this point (outside of niche 70mm projectors at the Somerville theater and Coolidge, and the last 70mm IMAX projector in Providence) is the Lux theaters which charge a premium but generally have recliners, food/drinks, etc. Most of the time the price difference also gets offset by drink vouchers.

That or something like the Alamo opening up which enforces strict rules for screenings - paying a premium for an actually good movie experience is where I think any success is in the movie theater business.

Otherwise fully agree - my home theater setup is better (and cheaper) than pretty much any of the generic small screen theaters in the city.

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If you like the movie theater experience (which I do), the best option is art house screens like the Coolidge and Brattle. For the big promotion, new releases, I do exactly as you do.

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The only way to stop this behavior is to set a horrifying example.

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