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Investigation into Randolph drug ring leads to seizure of more than four pounds of heroin, fentanyl and cocaine in Roslindale, police say

Seized drugs and cash

Seized drugs and cash.

A Roslindale man was one of three people arrested this week on drug charges following an investigation into drug dealing in Randolph, police say.

Boston Police report seizing 1,527 grams of heroin, 118 grams of fentanyl and 363 grams of cocaine, along with $4,930 in cash when they and South Shore officers, armed with a search warrant, raided Ramon Rodriguez Mojicia's residence at 512 Hyde Park Ave. in Roslindale around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

Rodriguez Mojicia, 32, was charged with trafficking Class A and Class B drugs, Boston Police say.

Randolph Police report he was part of a drug ring that had been under investigation since June.

In addition to him, Randolph Police say they arrested a Milton man and a Lawrence man on charges of trafficking fentanyl and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.

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I too have loads of drugs and cash in my humble Rozzie abode. Sometimes I sell the drugs for cash out of my EV while I’m en route to the farmers market after voting for Wu Train’s hand-picked candidates and flipping off some Westies.

EDIT: TRIGGER WARNING: SARCASM (poking fun of some Roslindale stereotypes that I *thought* you might appreciate but was clearly mistaken) IN CASE ANY CROTCHETY DUDES READ IT, ARE CONFUSED AND GET THEIR PANTIES IN A LIFE-THREATENINGLY EPIC BUNCH, JOHN COSTELLO.


Because you took the bait.

Adam lives in Roslindale.

That’s the joke. Lighten up Francis FFS.


Shoot, I should’ve added the “this is sarcasm” disclaimer for you sooner. Please accept my apologies.

This is why Boston refuses additional federal funding for police.


And yet, somehow, the police managed to arrest this guy and seize the drugs.


Flaherty implied that the $2.55 million would be used to prevent 9/11. Keep your police fantasies straight.



doesn't leave you a lot of time to know what the hell you're trolling about

Those urbanites,
always causing trouble in the suburbs.

They could call it "Wild in the Lanes" or "Boys Gone Wild".