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Two bodies found in Theater District hotel


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…. haunted now?

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recently stayed in a hotel in Philly on the 14th floor, actually the 13th.

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Full 13th floor treatment is not only to have the "14" immediately above "12", but to head off people thinking "Oh, I'm on 14, but it's really 13", by having a "13" button in the elevator that doesn't do anything.

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I worked on the construction project and visited a lot of the finished rooms (commissioning the HVAC units). Most are 150 -170 sf. No dresser for clothes - everything that isn't the bed, side tables, and big chair fold up and hang off the hooks. It must have been immediately obvious for the cleaning crew that something had happened. See room pics in link - very small space. I feel bad for the cleaning crew. I hope it wasn't too traumatic.


My parents bought an old motel the summer before my senior year - finding someone like this was a big fear. A suicide, OD, heart attack, murder, etc. Luckily (??), the worst I dealt with was someone used an enema and left the results in the sheets and a few cases of vomiting. I blame that scene in Drugstore Cowboy for that fear.

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