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Two were tooling around Dorchester with loaded guns until they ignored a 'No Turn on Red' sign, police say

Boston Police report arresting two men on gun charges early Sunday after officers on patrol noticed them making a right turn on a red light at Erie and Washington street - despite a sign prohibiting right turns on red lights.

Police say driver Jashun Cooley, 38, of Roxbury, did not initially stop for officers, either, when they turned on their blues around 1:10 a.m. and tried to pull him over. Instead, they say, he sped off, but with the aid of officers in another cruiser, they were able to get him to stop about half a mile away on Bullard Street.

As officers approached the vehicle, they observed the operator bend over and reach towards the floor. Officers requested the operator to turn off the vehicle, and exit the car which he refused. Officers attempted to gain control of the operator, and a violent struggle ensued. The front passenger attempted to pull the operator back into the vehicle, until the operator was finally placed into handcuffs. The front passenger was then handcuffed as well.

After further investigation, officers located two firearms from inside the vehicle. The firearms were later determined to be a Ruger SR9C with one round in the chamber, and eleven rounds in the magazine, and a Smith & Wesson SW9V with one round in the chamber and fifteen rounds in the magazine. Both firearms also had obliterated serial numbers.

A third passenger, in the back seat, was also ordered out and handcuffed, police say.

Cooley and Avery Combs Jr., 32, of Dorchester, were both charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, illegal possession of a high-capacity feeding device and possession of a gun with an obliterated serial number, police say, adding Cooley was also charged with failure to stop for police and resisting arrest. The other passenger was released.

Innocent, etc.



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BPD is pulling over people who make a right on red when it’s prohibited? Are they going to start pulling over drivers who run red lights and stop signs, speed, use their phone and drive, etc too or is this just something they do in black neighborhoods as a way to search people.


At best, heroes. At worst, Kyle Rittenhouse (who also lucked out, in that the outcome of his dubious actions was the death of a convicted pedo) with badges.

I'm not Johnny Cop, even less so after watching some state pig scream at some poor motorist outside Terminal C last week, but I'm thoroughly satisfied with this outcome. Two more tools of death and nothing else for the incinerator (er, the guns, not the people). My pity for the arrestee stops at getting pulled over for No Turn on Red with no one else on the road.

Blah blah blah Breaking Bad blah blah blah Gus Fring ran a red with guns he wasn't legally allowed to possess in his car? Me neither.


Seems to be pretty selective enforcement, if the number of drivers taking over the bike lanes on the greenway is any indicaiton.


Someone being pulled over for turning on a "no turn on red" sign.

(Imagine if BPD did … more of that.)


Hope they bought lottery tickets, it was their lucky day.


In all these cases, that the cops were onto these guys and just waiting for them to give a pretext...it strains the imagination that a traffic law is being enforced just on a whim.


Short of increasing the number of cops, I think focusing on people with guns is more valuable overall than traffic laws like this.

Don't get me wrong, people should obey the signs and drive responsibility. I get mad as hell when some jackass driver knows there's no recourse.

I'd be fine with hiring 100 more cops who solely focus on traffic laws but not everyone wants to see more police, especially those who are specifically going after people for "minor" infractions. (Hence why I'm so supportive of traffic cameras )


More people are killed by drivers ignoring lights, signs, crosswalks and speeding than have died in gun violence in recent years.

I don't think they are competing priorities. Both are important.


According to city data, there have been 16 traffic related fatalities in 2023 and 2024 (YTD)

There have been 36 homicides in the same time period according to the UHub data tracker, about 26 of them due to a gun.

Automated traffic enforcement is far more effective than just assigning a few more cops to traffic duty. (Which I wouldn't opposed either.) The fact Mass makes it impossible to use automatic traffic enforcement is a huge failure of policy.

Than it would be overzealous policing of minorities. Real smart. Just like shot spotter, our cities minority communities need less racist cops!


Fewer gun dipshits inhabiting them.

If this guy doesn't get pinched today, that gun gets used to blow off the head of someone peacefully sitting on their porch tomorrow. Again.


The Ruger SR9C is actually a dangerous gun. Ruger recalled it because with one round in the chamber and the safety off it tends to discharge if dropped. One of these guys was carrying it around with one in the chamber, He could have shot a cop completely by accident if his gun fell. Good riddance.

"Dangerous gun" with "actually", like that's a surprise.

Guns are tools. I'm one of the "gun dipshits" running around. Although I limit myself to rifles for target shooting not self defense.

although Adam rarely posts the comments...
If you're going to drive around with guns, drugs, a body in the trunk...
don't call attention to yourself.
Don't drive around in a car that screams PULL ME OVER, don't break traffic laws, don't give the cops the pretext to pull you over.
Real wiseguys fly under the radar. Hood gangbangers are amateurs.


Ever Tom, Larry, and Sue in this country has guns now.

Like the need to buy a ford F-150 Pickup truck to go to the grocery store, you don't need to be a gangster or a farmer to own a handgun or a pickup truck respectively. These are now just normal things American citizen carry around these days. God save us all.