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Don't order a pizza in Needham

And if you do, don't change into a business suit in the restroom.

And if you do, don't go next door to CVS before finishing your meal.

If you do these things, Needham police could arrest you for "disorderly conduct".

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From a review quoted on the restaurant's website:

“…you can’t do better than the thin, chewy-crusted pies at Stone Hearth Pizza. If rarified toppings like arugula, white beans, Yukon gold potatoes, hot Thai peppers, and all-beef, nitrate-free pepperoni sound a smidge pretentious—well, yea, they are. But they also make a mighty tasty pizza.”

From the Herald's story:

"Rogers said Neuer ... sat down to eat his pizza, took one bite, then left and ran next door to CVS."

Too many hot Thai peppers in that one bite for Mr Neuer to handle?

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Needham Murder Update: Uh, You Got the Wrong Guy

Neuer attracted attention at the pizzeria because he was jittery, he had a lot of large bags, he changed in the toilet, and he ate only one bite of his pizza. He actually sounds like a distracted, multitasking urbanite. Note to readers: Don't act nervous in Newton!
More on the Newton murder: Boston Criminal has been following the murder of 78-year-old Robert Moore in Needham and has much more analysis on how the media went into a tizzy over the incident.

Newton, Needham, whatever.
Don't act nervous and change your clothes in a pizza place when there's an escaped murderer in the vicinity.

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It's bad enough that the cops nabbed the wrong guy, but to rough him up the way they did was totally inexcusable...and inappropriate, to boot. It goes to show that one
really has to be careful about how they behave in public or they could get picked up....for nothing! Sickening, indeed. That's how it's been snce 9/11, and it's getting worse, not abating.

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The cops get multiple panicked 911 calls from employees of the restaurant indicating that there was a man with a gun, several minutes after a murder, and you think they over reacted? What were they supposed to do, ask him to come out, pretty please with sugar on top? Please tell me what the cops should have done, given the information that as their disposal.

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