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You might want to avoid Asian ladies offering massages on Craigslist for awhile

Not because they won't perform the promised services or give you cooties or something, but because the police have discovered Craigslist, too, and you probably wouldn't want to be getting a, er, massage when they bust in.

Last week, Wellesley police busted up what they said was a massage-plus parlor run by some out-of-town Asian women who were bailed out by a New Yorker. Brian at myDedham reports Dedham police also arrested two women from New York with Chinese names who allegedly set up a similar massage parlor in a Dedham apartment complex. The Daily News Transcript reports they also advertised in what it called "a Boston weekly newspaper" (scroll down to the bottom of that link).

Brian offers some business advice:

... While the earlier arrest took place in one of the "W towns", the house fee for the hot body rub or shampoo was $70 in both towns. Someone should teach these women that wealthier clients can afford to pay more. ...

Brian notes that in both cases, the Craigslist ads were a bit unusual in that they gave detailed directions from major highways. Hmm, could Watertown be next?

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