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Introducing the Mug Project


Today we are officially lauching The Mug Project (www.mugproject.com).

We are a community of individuals and organizations committed to transforming how beverages are consumed. We raise awareness about the unnecessary waste {"International Paper estimated that 14.4 billion paper cups were discarded by Americans in 2005 - and that doesn't include styrofoam." (See globe article below for source)} caused by the use of disposable beverage containers and advocate for the use of mugs as an alternative.

Please join our online community at www.mugproject.com to help us promote this cause. Use a mug in place of disposable cups, and invite your friends, family, co-workers, church, team, readers, and everyone to join in.

Check out the article about us in todays Globe on the bottom of the front Page of City Weekly called. "In quest to cut waste, a modest proposal: Bring a mug."

You'll also get laugh from our video titled "Don't cheat on your mug found on the Video's tab or botton right of the front page.


Joseph Porcelli,
Your neighbor in JP that wears the Nametag (www.nametagproject.com) all the time and now uses a mug.


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