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Remembering Sheldon Brown

Sheldon BrownSheldon Brown, well known in bicycle circles both locally and nationally, died Sunday, 63.

Chuck Tanowitz recalls interviewing Brown after he put his Harris Cyclery in West Newton on the Internet back in the mid-1990s. He adds:

... I also used his advice on teaching kids to ride in order to help my 8-year-old finally learn to ride a two-wheeler (the key: removing the pedals and lowering the seat). ...

Michael Green: Before the skinny jeans, the mag wheels, the tricks videos and the track bike boutique, there was Sheldon Brown.

Rob: The cycling world—particularly the bicycle mechanic world—has suffered a huge loss.

MMYL: Good Bye to the teacher I never met but felt I knew.

Dave Aiello: I never met Sheldon Brown, but I learned a great deal from him.

The Incidental Cyclist: He had a great sense of humor, with some of his articles bordering on rolling on the floor laughing out loud kind of funny.

Todd Kuzma: I can't find the words to describe how I feel. You'll be missed, Sheldon.

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I never met him save for a few email exchanges, but he taught me just about everything I know about taking care of my bicycle. May bicyclists everywhere long remember Sheldon and his lessons. Hopefully his extensive internet writings will be preserved, and/or published for future would-be mechanics

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Sheldon was also a well-known member of the local Gilbert & Sullivan community, particularly at MIT. He performed in and photographed a number of MITG&SP productions, and also the Christmas Revels.

He'll be missed by many people.

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I was absolutely gutted when I heard the news yesterday. It is such a loss.

If any U.Hubbers have time/interest, Jack Thurston (host of "The Bike Show," which airs in London and is available free in Podcast form) is collecting audio stories about Sheldon Brown, with the goal of eventually dedicating one of his radio programs to Sheldon.
Full details here.

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That really sucks, and it would suck more if Sheldon hadn't led such a well-lived life and left such a legacy.

He lives on in both his legend and in all those bits of information only he would compile - just google something about what tire circumfrence to put into what brand of cycle computer given your bike's tire size, and you will know what I mean.

All the same, it just doesn't seem like the right amount of life for someone so dedicated to such healthy activities and so supportive of others who took them up at any level of expertise.

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Just a few months after discovering him and and his store and making the switch after a bad incident with Bike Nashbar / Performance Bicycle's notorously bad customer service. I hope his legacy will live on.

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