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T worker goes beyond call of duty

Donald reports on an accident at the Airport stop involving a woman falling down the stairs and gouging open her knee on Sunday:

... After running to her and opening my carry on bag I pulled out a tee shirt to act as a tourniquet. I did not want to touch her wound with pressure as it was soon enough there was little spillage and I didn't want to infect an open wound. Her leg was OPEN and I almost got queasy. ...

He says a T "starter" with the last name of Garufo really saved the day, working to stem the flow of blood and calming things down until the EMTs arrived:

... I for one am comforted by the presence of Starters whenever I see them at stations and with ones like Mr. Garufo around I feel better knowing in a time of crisis there are others around who will go beyond the call of duty and a job description. ...

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