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Camp Edwards issues

UPDATE: This may all be moot since evacuees don't seem to want to spend the winter on a frozen Cape 1,500 miles from home.

UPDATE UPDATE: Some of them came after all.

So Gov. Romney says Camp Edwards may not be a Motel 6, but the accomodations are OK (aside from the random man-eating coyote). SwissFreek, who stayed in a Camp Edwards barrack earlier this year as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, begs to differ:

... This year we've got broken windows, missing hand rails in the stairs, rooms where none of the lights work, rooms where doors don't fit their frames, bathrooms where less than half the sinks/urinals/toilets are non-functional, with raw sewage backing up and running across the floors, lockers that are barely holding together or missing entirely. There was a bed that had dried vomit on the mattress. Another that smelled so badly of cigarettes
that the person sleeping on it took on the smell. ...

Jay, meanwhile, proposes Camp Edwards as a solution for all those Nooyawka wannabees intent on renaming all of Boston's neighborhoods:

... Bus the hipsters on Fung Wah to Camp Edwards and give the city housing to Cajuns, who can add a little genuine life, spice and culture to Boston. ... Hey, free housing in Boston! Bring recipes! ... Take the hipsters' property by eminent domain? Now that would be an irony I could support.

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