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Indictment finally does it: Wilkerson resigns

The Globe reports.




Im actually suprised she stepped down after all of the drama and her previous refusal to step down. I figured after going through all that trouble that she would stick it out until the end. Oh well, that will give the place a few months to get used to her being gone before her replacement shows up, I think this is good for Chang Diaz (as opposed to walking in the door as Wilkerson was leaving.)

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Handwritten Letter= Bad idea

When its a thankyou or some other thing with along those lines it seems so human and warm.

When its a random letter, or something like a resignation it looks a tad bit crazy or pathetic, especially if the text drifts as it does in this letter. Makes you wonder if it was done in the office of a powerful former ally who was standing over her as she wrote it???

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