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Giving thanks for life and engaging the end of life with grace

A group of health-care bloggers, including Paul Levy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Alexandra Drane, CEO of Beverly's Eliza Corp., have organized a "blog rally" to bring attention to end-of-life issues:

The idea is to get people to share just ONE slide that helps them and their loved ones talk about having a purposeful end-of-life experience. Thanksgiving is a perfect time for families and loved ones to have this most difficult of conversations. We've already had great publicity about Engage with Grace, and are getting national press exposure.

But to make this a viral movement we need your help. So on Wednesday Nov. 26 to Monday Nov. 30 we are going to leave one identical post up on The Health Care Blog and Running a Hospital.

Read more at Engage with Grace:

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You should also consider whether you've made your wishes regarding organ donation known to your family.

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