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Obnoxious developers from Beacon Hill to Dorchester

Charles cannot believe a developer would be so stupid as to pull down a historic Beacon Hill building without a permit - and is equally amazed at what some builders are trying to foist on Dorchester, with the help of a lax city landmark code:

One Dorchester example is 40 Hancock Street, a five minute walk from my house, where a developer wants to replace a Colonial Revival house which had been used as a funeral home with ten residential and two commercial units on an approximately 13,000 square foot lot. The lot is zoned as a commercial subdistrict (which allowed the funeral home use), but the abutting residential zoning is 5000 3F, or a minimum of 5000 square feet to build a three family house. Needless to say, the scale of the project is inappropriate for an already dense urban neighborhood. ...

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