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Teen charged with murdering Soheil Turner

Xzeniyeju Chukwuezi, 18, of Roxbury, was arrested today on charges he gunned down Soheil Turner on May 7, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said.

Turner, 15, was found with two gunshot wounds at 305 Dudley St. around 7:22 a.m. and was pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

"There is no good explanation or excuse for Soheil Turner's death, but we hope that today's arrest - while only the beginning of a process to hold his killer accountable - brings at least some small measure of comfort to Soheil's family and friends," Conley said.

The Herald reports Chukwuezi is a member of the Dudley Street Posse gang and was arrested at McKinley Preparatory High School. In 2002, he played a soldier in a Strand Theatre performance of "Urban Nutcracker."

Innocent, etc.



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