Green Line Power FAIL - Round Two

Here we go again. From the T web page:

Green Line Alerts

Green Line service is being terminated at Park Street Station due to a power problem at Haymarket Station. For service beyond Park Street, please get off at Park Street proceed down the Winter Street concourse to Downtown Crossing and make use of the Orange Line for service to North Station. Bus service will replace regular train service between Park Street and Lechmere. 8/6/2009 5:48 PM



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For a minute there, I

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For a minute there, I thought this was a new alert, but it was already noted in one of the comments to an earlier MBTA service delay post.

With the delays that have been occurring lately, it would be more of a breaking news story if the T were running on time than running with delays (possible headlines: "No disabled trains on Red/Green/Orange/Blue Line(s)" or " T running with no signal/switch problems").

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