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Mission Hill gets clean-up tsunami

Jump the Turnstile reports what seems like the entire Boston DPW was out in force today to clean up the neighborhood in advance of tomorrow's eyes-of-the-world-are-on-you funeral at Mission Church:

... Sidewalks getting repaired, landscaping done seemingly overnight. Fresh coats of paint on buildings ...



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Hate to burst Jump the Turnstile's bubble, but the sidewalk work started before the announcement of the Senator's passing. That said, unlike most public work projects it is getting finished damn fast.

We don't need to cynically hope for a Senator to pass for a neighborhood to get fixed up as the blogger suggests. Maybe we could just re-route the Marathon every year. Boylston is so clean and nice you could eat off it.

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  • loves Menino
  • hates liberal pussies
  • has orange juice envy
  • loves yuppies
  • loves gentrification
  • has a secret hard-on for clean-cut faggoty white boys
  • hates graffiti
  • thinks Mission Hill is a beautiful shithole of shit (not like his beloved Jamaica Plain)
  • hates Obama and the most recent dead Kennedy
  • is so stupid he sees a lick of paint, a couple of handicap ramps (done right), and some weed-whacking (Landscaping!) as two years of revitalization

What a contemptible poseur.

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I bet it looks like crap again in less than a month.

The reason the city doesn't waste the money to keep it pristine 24/7 is because the residents don't care enough to help keep it clean.

Maybe if they cared half a crap about their community there wouldn't be the NEED for a "cleanup tsunami" when the city needs to fake that it can take care of itself.

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There wasn't a tsunami then, just an anti-blizzard.

Tip died during one of the snowiest months of the (then) snowiest winter on record. The secret service came down and freaked at all the 5-6' high snow piles - solidly packed walls of snow that could easily hide just about anybody or anything! With the current president and four former presidents heading for Tip's send off, they ordered the City of Cambridge to remove them from a half mile strip of Mass Ave., and the state pitched in and they got it all clear to the sidewalks and NO ICE pretty much overnight.

Actual snow removal. In Massachusetts! Amazing!

Bloody miracle, that!

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