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Police: Violent drug gang arranged hits on rivals from Roxbury bars

Attorney General Martha Coakley and Police Commissioner Ed Davis today announced the indictments of 15 people on charges they ran a cocaine and pot distribution ring unafraid to use guns against rivals.

Davis said at a press conference today that the Magnolia Steelers gang was responsible for dozens of shootings. The arrest of eight alleged members over the past few months was a major cause of a 22% reduction in shootings in Boston this year, he said. The latest city stats show Boston has seen 159 shootings through Oct. 5 of this year, compared to 201 in the same period last year.

"Thesse are not the biggest drug dealers in Massachusetts," he said. "But these individuals have been targeted because they are the most prolific shooters that we have in the city of Boston."

Among those captured and charged: Alleged gang leader Christian Miranda, 39, who managed to escape a police dragnet in June - he was arrested last week in Quincy.

Davis said police think they saved lives by monitoring phone calls made by gang members arranging hits on rivals from "local bars in the Roxbury area." Coakley said her cybercrimes unit was also involved in the investigation. She added the effort to nab the Magnolia Steelers was dubbed Operation 1370, because 1,370 degrees "is the temperature at which steel melts."

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Coakley and Davis discuss the indictments:

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