Yeah, so what if Romney is lying through his teeth?

Writing on the apparently Realpolitikal National Review Online, Ramesh Ponnuru says it shouldn't matter to conservatives whether Our Mitt is lying about his rightwing stances:

... Those of us who favor Romney's position on sanctity-of-life issues ought to care less about its sincerity than about its stability. We ought to care about whether he will abandon the position, that is, not whether he truly believes it. Pro-lifers would win very few votes in Congress if every representative voted his conscience, after all. Presumably a politician is more likely to stick with a position if he deeply believes it; but it is too facile to say that having flipped before, a politician will flop again. ...

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By Gregg on

Sincerity is a strange word to use in the conservative world of anti gay, ultra right religious leaders who all seem to be homosexual philanderers. I'd say that Romney's wavering position is about par for the course :-)

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