Forget cans: The new money is in CharlieTickets

A couple weeks ago, the Globe's Mac Daniel all but called Ron Newman a liar for saying there was gold in them thar tossed-aside CharlieTickets.

HAH! We said then DON'T DOUBT THE NEWMAN. Official proof comes in today's Metro (the CharlieTicket of local newspapers: you find them lying around all over the place): As of late last week, the Somerville resident had 30 tickets worth $55.

Newman posts:

I'm wondering what the reaction will be at the Downtown Crossing T office when I show up with 40+ CharlieTickets and ask to have them combined onto one CharlieCard.

Any ideas are welcome for who to donate the card to.



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Big score!

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Charlie on the MBTA reports finding a $10 CharlieTicket with $8 still left on it at South Station today.

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Works in NYC, Too

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Okay Ron, how long until we see you with a shopping cart full of cardboard and plastic bags and three layers of plastic ponchos, strolling the Mass Ave Median?

In Astoria St. Station, NYC a couple years back my sons were picking up handfulls of tossed tickets while I was figuring out the machines and what the kid cost was for them. "Mom! Tickets! Right Here!" I warned them that they were probably spent, but they insisted on checking them out, as the machines weren't busy and kids don't mind the repetition.

$10! One $6 and three $2 - plenty enough to run around all day.

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