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No WCRB Classical at Copley concerts this year

For as long as I can remember, WCRB radio has sponsored a series of lunchtime concerts at Copley Square park. The concerts took place every Thursday in both June and September.

But not this year. I wrote to WCRB asking where to find next month's schedule, and got this reply from Mark Edwards, the station's director of programming:

We simply didn't have the budget to pull it off, I'm afraid. The concerts were very expensive for us to host, and there has been dwindling support from advertisers. Additionally, the city was unable to help us defray costs.

I wish the news was better on that front. Perhaps the vacuum created will lead to a greater desire on the part of all parties to bring this back next year.

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I was encouraged by the comment "dwindling support by advertisers." I hope that this means they are seeing through WCRB's phony claim to being a "classical music station" as formerly known. Instead it's really a dumbed-down pseudo-classical jukebox that may not even be around next year to cancel another series of Concerts at Copley.

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