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Roxbury teen charged with witness intimidation in Wentworth murder case

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that Nathaniel Yarde, 18, is scheduled for arraignment today in Suffolk Superior Court.

According to the DA, on May 28 in the Mission Park housing project, Yarde went up to a witness to the Oct. 28, 2005 murder of Joseph Wilson Jr. of Sudbury, flashed a knife at him and told him to stop snitching.

Etanis Cumba, charged with that murder at a Wentworth Institute of Technology party, is scheduled to go on trial later this year.



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The city's crime rate has been escalating recently and the Boston Police seem to not have an answer for it. Well, let's think about this. A gang member stabs and murders an innocent victim, while he is in custody, his gang memebers are "allegedly" flashing knives in witnesses faces not to testify. The justice system is going down the drain. It seems like recently there's been no justice served. It's time to clense the city of these rats and just put them behind bars one by one. The city has suffered enough loss, and needs to gain control again of these areas. This vicious circle needs to be detered, right here and right now.
And for the blood sucking lawyers that keep on putting these scums back on the street....how do you sleep at night knowing that these gagn members will strike again ...and this time...it won't hit close to YOUR home?

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i agree that the violence in boston needs to stop. but not everyone involved in this violence is in a gang necessarily.. that is a very bad sterotype.. i lost a very close friend last year because he got shot. he wasnt in a gang. yes people need to pay for their crimes but the Boston police dont do their jobs well enough.. so maybe if the BPD steps up their game the crime in the city of boston will dwindle.

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sometimes witnes lie just to get someone convicted for a crime i think the justice system is doin ok

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