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An experiment in citizen journalism

Update: The newsmaker is Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley. Post your questions now.

Ever watch a press conference and stare at the TV in disbelief as some reporter asks some unbelievably stupid question? Coming up is your chance to do better:

On Monday, I'll solicit questions for a specific Boston newsmaker (so yeah, tune in then to see who it is). Think what you'd most want to ask him or her, then post your question by the end of Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, I'll pick what I think are ten good questions (editor's prerogative), then we'll all vote and chose the five best questions. The newsmaker will then have a week to ponder and come up with replies. I'll post his/her replies and we can have at it in a weeklong discussion on the issues you and that person raise.

Yep, it's a slow process, but it's an experiment and, also, while reporters love "gotcha!" moments at press conferences and in interviews, wouldn't it be good to think People Making Weighty Decisions sometimes actually have a chance to reflect on things? Plus, it's a system that seems to have worked well at Slashdot, where they've been doing these sorts of interviews for awhile.


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I'm all for slowing down the journalistic process and having intelligent public discussions. Enough soundbites. I'll be looking for this on Monday, and I hope I can contribute a good question to the mix.


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I like this idea. Since you say you did not originate it, does it have any generally accepted name where it has been done in the past?

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They just call them interviews, I think.

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