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Robert Cappucci

By Douglas Bennett - 6/9/13 - 8:43 pm

According to members of the Boston Elections Department that asked to remain nameless out of fear of losing their job said that it is unlikely both Robert Cappucci and John Laing will make the ballot.

By Douglas Bennett - 5/27/13 - 1:25 pm

The following are Douglas Bennett's Power Rankings of the 2013 Boston Mayor Candidates as of May 27, 2013. These rankings are determined by a combination of each candidate's previous electoral history which includes geographical and voter population base, potential money raised, grassroots organizational strength, and potential to harness issues:

1. Daniel F Conley, West Roxbury (Ward 20, Precinct 20)

2. John R Connolly, West Roxbury (Ward 20, Precinct 10)

3. Felix G Arroyo, Jamaica Plain (Ward 19, Precinct 7)

4. Martin J Walsh, Savin Hill(Ward 13, Precinct 10)

5. Rob Consalvo, Hyde Park (Ward 18, Precinct 18)

6. Charlotte Golar Richie, Meeting House Hill(Ward 15, Precinct 3)

7. Charles Calvin Yancey, Mattapan (Ward 17, Precinct 3)

8. Michael P Ross, Mission Hill (Ward 10, Precinct 5)

9. Charles L Clemons Jr, Dorchester (Ward 14, Precinct 4)

10. John F Barros, Uphmans Corner(Ward 13, Precinct 5)

11. Bill Walczak, Savin Hill(Ward 13, Precinct 10)

12. Robert Cappucci, East Boston, (Ward 1, Precinct 2)

13. David S Portnoy, Lower Mills(Ward 17, Precinct 13)

14. John G C Laing Jr, Hyde Park(18, Precinct 14)

15. David James Wyatt, Roxbury (Ward 11, Precinct 2)

By Douglas Bennett - 5/17/13 - 7:00 am

The Boston Herald reports that U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch and Boston Mayoral Candidate Robert Cappucci, a former Boston School Committee member and police officer, were involved in a car accident yesterday in South Boston.

“I felt the bang and thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ ” Cappucci said. “I looked in the rear-view mirror and I recognized Steve. I thought, ‘That’s unbelievable that he would hit me like that.’ But he probably knew more than I did because I couldn’t see the other cars behind him.”

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