By - 5/3/11 - 2:04 pm

Boston Police tweet a hazmat crew is at his office in the JFK Building in Government Center.

By - 5/2/11 - 11:43 am

Boston Police report a tussle over who had dibs on a cab on State Street early Sunday ended with a Wyoming man delivering a serious whupping to his local rival.

That was good for a trip to a nearby holding cell, where Nicholas Counts, 25, of Casper, was charged with assault and battery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, police say, adding they seized his sneakers after booking officers noticed blood on them.

By - 4/29/11 - 6:10 pm


A roving correspondent forwards this photo from the Green Line today. Proof the T's clean-up efforts are working?

By - 4/29/11 - 5:44 pm

Suspects, captured on camera at Downtown Crossing T stop.Suspects or witnesses? Captured on camera at Downtown Crossing T stop.

Boston Police report a teen was stabbed repeatedly at Park and Tremont streets around 5:20 p.m. and that they are looking for three men.

The victim was taken to Boston Medical Center in critical condition, but is expected to survive. Police taped off an area near the Park Street T stop; the Globe reports the stabbing actually happened outside a 7-Eleven on Tremont and that the victim collapsed just outside the Park Street stop.

By - 4/29/11 - 8:04 am

Quinn's trolleyQuinn's trolleyThe Salem News reports on the suit filed yesterday by Samantha Mattei, who suffered a broken back and a concussion when Quinn he crashed his Green Line trolley into a stopped trolley because he was too busy texting to notice it.

Mattei filed her suit the same day the National Transportation Safety Board released its final report on the 2009 crash, basically concluding that texting trolley driver was texting. However, the board also said the accident could have been avoided if the T had an automated system to stop trolleys that go through red signals, like the ones in place on the T's other lines.

In the aftermath of the crash, which did an estimated $10 million in damage, the T banned cell-phone use by train drivers and other employees.

By - 4/28/11 - 12:53 pm

ED NOTE: Jacqueline Church filed a complaint with the MBTA over events she witnessed on a southbound Red Line train at Park Street around 3:15 p.m. yesterday. The following is an edited copy of her complaint, which she prefaced with: "Seeing someone nearly die in front of you can really put a damper on your day. Watching public transportation employees impede swift care, then deny the need for better emergency medical procedures, is worse. Then having no one in subsequent calls show one iota of accountability or sense of responsibility is infuriating. As a taxpayer I'm incensed.

By - 4/27/11 - 10:19 pm

Charles River bridge

Downtown traffic

Historygradguy captured the Weeks Footbridge over the Charles, while Greg MacKay shot the scene where the Central Artery used to be.

Copyright Historygradguy and Greg MacKay respectively. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 4/25/11 - 1:32 pm

The MBTA is soliciting bids for the garage it owns under North Station. Minimum bid price: $65 million to lease it for the next 50 years (payable in 30 annual installments) or $70 million to buy it outright. Bids for the 1,275-space garage are due July 27 to Transit Realty.

By - 4/24/11 - 3:01 pm

Around 2:50 p.m.; blame debris on the tracks.

By - 4/24/11 - 12:45 pm

Shattered window at Tremont Street fire scene. Photo by BFD.Shattered window at Tremont Street fire scene. Photo by BFD.

UPDATE: The Fire Department reports investigators have determined the cause to be - you are sitting down: Careless disposal of a cigarette.

A fire in a 25th-floor apartment at Tremont on the Common, 151 Tremont St., sparked a three-alarm response as firefighters raced upstairs to evacuate residents, some of whom took refuge on their balconies.

By - 4/22/11 - 5:44 pm

It began, John Pepper says, with a phone call Wednesday from City Hall: Could one of his Boloco restaurants supply burritos for a major announcement the mayor wold be making in front of City Hall on Thursday?

By - 4/21/11 - 11:32 pm

John Pepper, founder of the Boloco chain, is ripping into the city on Twitter tonight for what happened with the burritos the mayor's office promised bicyclists who showed up at the Hubway bike-rental announcement in front of City Hall today:

City of Boston threatened 2 shut down fed st Boloco b/c City of Boston didn't pull food permit for their own event. We donated 200 burritos.

By - 4/19/11 - 5:18 pm

A Boston Police sergeant today described a near-riot that allegedly started inside the Gypsy Bar when a joker called a woman a lesbian.

Sgt. John McBrien told the Boston Licensing Board that a Gypsy manager bounced the man and his pal around 1:30 a.m. on March 19 after one of the woman's companions complained. But at closing time, McBrien said, the woman and two friends began to have words with the bartender as they were leaving. McBrien, who was on scene, was talking to the manager at the entrance, when all of a sudden, "a shoe, like a wingtip," came flying at the manager.

By - 4/19/11 - 4:51 pm

A bouncer at the Tam, 222 Tremont St., acknowledged today that when a possibly drunk customer objected to being ejected by hitting him in the cheek, he responded by punching the guy in the mouth.

Boston Licensing Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer acknowledged the bouncer may have felt under attack during the incident around 8:20 p.m. on March 20 - especially after he said he feels "terrified by some of the people out there." A Boston Police detective told the board the bouncer punched the man "reflexively" after getting hit himself.

By - 4/18/11 - 12:06 pm


Minutemen, members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. a few politicians and some bystanders marched from City Hall to the North End today to commemorate the rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes. The procession stopped at Dawes's grave at King's Chapel Cemetery and at Revere's grave at the Granary Burying Ground, to present a wreath and play taps, before continuing down Bromfield, Washington and Congress streets and then down Hanover into the North End, where a modern-day Paul Revere waited on a horse so that he could take off towards Lexington to warn the colonials.

By - 4/18/11 - 11:41 am

The Herald follows up today on the Globe's fluff piece yesterday about the rebuilt Tea Party Museum with a front-pager:


A planned new Boston Tea Party Museum - dedicated to the history of America’s first tax revolt - is receiving millions of dollars in city and state aid while the private project's price tag has tripled in just five years, a Herald review shows.

By - 4/17/11 - 9:30 am

Channel 4 reports on intrusive cameramen, complete with a crack from the anchorman, whose own camera people would never ever stick their cameras where they're not wanted:

By - 4/14/11 - 10:43 pm

Dunkin thiefBoston Police have posted a couple of photos of a guy they say held up the Dunkin' Donuts on

By - 4/14/11 - 7:21 am

The Herald seems to have captured Menino saying the Hole can stay a hole until those goddamn New Yorkers learn Boston means business. Or something:

People say to me: 'Oh, you've got a hole there - so what! The hole is going to be there until those folks from New York understand we in Boston know how to do development. And just because they can't get development done, that's not my fault.