By - 9/30/05 - 4:29 pm

Although the man/train accident was at Park Street, commuters elsewhere on the line report the same sort of chaos that broke out there. In a letter to T officials, Goose details what happened at Downtown Crossing:

By - 8/11/05 - 11:25 am

News that Filene's will soon be no more got John to researching the chain's history. He discovered the Filene brothers were quite the innovators:

... Both brothers were very interested in the ideas surrounding scientific management, and using research to develop new methods for marketing and retailing. It is a sad day for Boston to lose such a historic brand. ...

By - 5/10/05 - 7:41 pm

The state Department of Mental Health's Hurley Building was designed in the same "brutalist" mode as the nearby City Hall. But City Hall is a delightful little confectionary compared to this truly brutal, depressing series of concrete fists smashing the spirit of onlookers into a thin pulp. Elephantine concrete columns follow one after another, with no visual relief, figuratively pounding you in the head without stop. Dynamite would be too kind for this monstrosity, which would be far better suited as the headquarters of the KGB circa 1965 than a building in the cradle of American liberty. It's especially depressing given its location across the street from the classic West Church and, for that matter, all of Beacon Hill.

By - 1/21/05 - 8:24 pm

Ron notes that a merger of the companies that own Macy's and Filene's could mean the end of Filene's:

Everyone in New England should be praying for this deal to fall through. Nothing good can come of it.

By - 1/20/05 - 10:02 pm

David takes the T today and is repeatedly reminded why he doesn't like taking the T:

By - 1/19/05 - 7:53 pm

Sarcastic Sam reports:

Just heard on the radio that FBI is searching for a dirty bomb in Boston...supposedly another FBI office had a lead that someone was trying to detonate a DB in Boston...hmmm should I ask to go home early?

WTF is up with that? says:

Boston terror threat probed