By - 9/22/09 - 8:56 am

Channel 4 catches a bunch parking in handicap spots at the neighboring Spaulding Hospital. Repeatedly. Through a mouthpiece, Sheriff Cabral says she isn't responsible for where employees park their own cars.

By - 9/21/09 - 8:55 pm
Last call

Sean Sullivan stays up late at the Hong Kong at Faneuil Hall.

Copyright Sean Sullivan. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 9/21/09 - 11:40 am
Where am I?

T workers weren't even done putting up a new map at Government Center when somebody rushed over to figure out how to get from A to B.

The MBTA today kicked off a two-year, $500,000 project to replace every single map at T stations. Download a hi-def copy of the new map (870k PDF).

Highlights: The updated maps show a new Sliver Line 4, which will provide direct service from Dudley to South Station starting next month (on surface roads; no, the T didn't build a secret tunnel), and, on the Green Line, riders will get to see which line actually goes all the way to Lechmere (the E) and which end before Lechmere:

By - 9/20/09 - 10:16 am

The Globe asked local designers to come up with alternatives for the Filene's Hole and other vacant construction sites around town. "A vertical algae-powered bioreactor?" Sure, why not?

By - 9/18/09 - 1:56 pm

A company in downtown Boston is looking for somebody experienced in content management systems. Sure, yawn if you must, but look at what they're doing:

By - 9/18/09 - 8:59 am

Of course, what better time for a Red Line train to break down at Park Street? At least it's on the outbound side.

By - 9/17/09 - 8:44 am

Blue Mass. Group reports Mitt Romney BFF Steve Pagliuca was advertising yesterday for attractive people (headshots required) to staff his Senate announcement at the Garden today and, presumably, cheer orgasmically at the end of each of his sentences. $15 an hour.

By - 9/16/09 - 3:16 pm
Union Wharf

Jeff Tamagini took a long exposure at Union Wharf (compare to Ed O'Connor's dawn shot of the pilings).

Copyright Jeff Tamagini. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 9/16/09 - 11:03 am

Also, he's disappointed he couldn't get into Cheers and says it isn't marketed enough. Makes some good points about our insane intersections, but one of his points is how there's almost no parkland along the Charles - somehow he missed the entire Esplanade. Also, the Freedom Trail is confusing. Hmm, maybe he was just cranky because of jet lag or something.

By - 9/15/09 - 9:26 am

Natasha Lloyd tweets:

The inbound Worcester MBTA train just crashed into the platform at South Station. Several people were injured. Most are ok.

WBZ tweets 12 people are being treated for minor injuries, adds the injured were all people standing waiting to get off the train. Local 718 tweets two people had to be put on backboards, one elderly.

And, of course, last night, two Worcester Line trains almost collided head on near Back Bay.

Passengers being taken away outside South Station, by NECN:

By - 9/14/09 - 12:00 pm

No doubt there's some specific reason a guy in colonial garb is riding a horse around City Hall Plaza as I type this, but I like to think it's just an everyday occurrence; maybe he commuted up from JP or something and is just circling around looking for a space at a hitching post to tie the horse to.

By - 9/14/09 - 7:49 am

A. Monday morning! There's a disabled train causing outbound delays between Government Center and Kenmore, the T reports.

By - 9/10/09 - 8:20 am

Mass. High Tech and Xconomy alert us to a planned Quest for Innovation on Oct. 9, in which teams of "entrepreneurial leaders & startups, universities, industry associations & agencies, entrepreneurial organizations and the New England business community" will fan out across downtown trying to figure out clues related to Boston's role as a leader in innovation over the centuries.

By - 9/9/09 - 7:30 pm
Sun goes down, as seen from East Boston

Sekbaavi watched the sun go down from the Hyatt Harborside Hotel.

Copyright Sekbaavi. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 9/9/09 - 12:27 pm

Scott Van Vorhis writes the luxo-condo bubble downtown has finally popped.

By - 9/8/09 - 8:20 pm

Around 7 p.m., Emily Holden tweets.

By - 9/8/09 - 9:11 am

93South points us to this Craigslist posting from Unregular Radio, a downtown startup hoping to build "a full social networking site and streaming radio station geared towards the local Boston area scene," supported through ad revenue.

By - 9/5/09 - 12:22 pm
State steps

Saul Blumenthal finds the color in the otherwise dreary State Street station.

Copyright Saul Blumenthal. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 9/3/09 - 5:05 pm

Alert from the T web page:

Green Line service is experiencing 10-15 minute delays due to a switch problem at Government Center. 9/3/2009 4:09 PM