By - 12/23/10 - 2:32 pm

CanningMBTA Transit Police report arresting a Massachusetts Bay Community College student yesterday on charges he fondled a woman's buttocks on a Red Line train between Charles/MGH and Park Street last month.

Brian Canning, 26, was charged with indecent assault and battery after his alleged victim spotted him again last week, about a month after the initial attack.

By - 12/23/10 - 1:25 pm

Davis at the fake shopDavis at the fake shop.

It looked like all the other stalls in the nondescript jeweler's storefront at 365 Washington St. in Downtown Crossing. But the two guys behind the new M.I.B. Jewelers spread the word they were willing to buy stolen goods when they opened five weeks ago. Helped by a sudden police crackdown on other stores fencing stuff, business boomed - at least until today, when Boston Police announced that the stall was actually a sting operation staffed by two undercover cops.

By - 12/22/10 - 6:44 am

Bob Ward makes some valid points in his rant about how much better New York does Christmas than Boston these days: We get the second-string Rockettes now and have to drive to Avon to see the Enchanted Village.

But he just can't leave bad enough alone:

How did you let it all slip away? Is Christmas really that politically incorrect? Are people really offended by the idea of Christmas? I remind you, the song is called Joy to the World, not Joy to the Christian World.

By - 12/21/10 - 6:29 am

The article by David Boeri and Andrea Shea is ostensibly about how the three revived theaters on Washington Street could lead a revival of the Hole-infested street, but is really an interesting walk back into the time when it was home to the city's large number of daily newspapers:

The printing presses for the Post were buried like a coal mine seven stories below ground level. They worked next to the subway tunnel, and at street level you could feel both of them.

By - 12/20/10 - 8:14 pm

A track fire just south of South Station briefly shut Red Line service between South Station and Broadway around 8 p.m. Fire officials gave the MBTA permission to restore service around 8:20 p.m.

By - 11/10/10 - 2:07 pm
The trolley hit by train operated by Aiden Quinn. Photo by NTSB

The trolley hit by train operated by Aiden Quinn. Photo by NTSB.

Operators of three of the four trolleys involved in a major trolley smashup just past Government Center on May 8, 2009, described chaos and panic among passengers in the moments after the collision, in interview transcripts released today by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The fourth operator, Aiden Quinn, charged with plowing into the stopped train in front of him because he was too busy texting his girlfriend to notice the stopped train, did not cooperate with the federal investigation into the crash, which injured 46 people and caused several million dollars in trolley damage. Quinn lost his T job and is still awaiting a trial on a charge of gross negligence by a person in control of a common conveyance, which carries a maximum jail term of 2 1/2 years.

In his NTSB intervew, Jimmy Zhu, operator of the rear car in the train that got hit, described the scene:

By - 10/25/10 - 4:32 pm

The new South StationThe new South Station: Rendering from MassDOT (compare to 1904 South Station).

The Federal Railroad Administration today awarded the money to the state to begin planning seven new tracks at South Station to support new commuter-rail and Acela service to and from Boston. The new tracks would terminate at what is now the post office on Fort Point Channel; federal and state officials continue to work on moving that facility nearby.

State transportation officials say a $120 million grant to Connecticut will upgrade the tracks between New Haven and Springfield, which will eventually allow for more service between Boston and New York inland, rather than along the coast. Amtrak recently said it would use this route to dramatically cut travel time between the two cities - over the next 40 years.

By - 10/12/10 - 3:32 pm


The circus came today and the elephants (and some horses and ponies) made the walk from the Cambridge rail yard to the Garden via Land Boulevard and the bridge by the Museum of Science.

Minders made sure the elephants stayed to the right instead of heading up to the Tobin:

By - 10/7/10 - 11:57 am

The Herald reports on the possibility the school could move en masse to a "continguous campus" fronted on Tremont Street, which would let it increase enrollment without worrying about outraged howls of anger from Beacon Hill residents. But would they be butting heads with Emerson?

By - 10/7/10 - 9:19 am

In the small building housing the Boston Harbor Cruises ticket office. Men's room on the side facing the Mariott Long Wharf; women's room on the water side.

By - 10/7/10 - 8:52 am

From the main entrance to the station, take a sharp right immediately after the entrance to the main part of the terminal. Be sure to check out the display of commemorative plates on the wall opposite the men's room.

By - 10/7/10 - 8:50 am

In the center building of the marketplace, about a third of the way down from the front entrance. Go down one of the side corridors (the ones with all the pushcarts, not the main central corridor with the food stalls). Down the stairs (there is also an elevator, on the right side if your back is to the front entrance). Women's room typically has a line during tourist season; plan accordingly.

By - 10/7/10 - 8:43 am

Men's room is in basement, about as far away from the escalators as you can get; best to ask a clerk how exactly to get to it.

By - 9/25/10 - 10:47 am

The Outraged Liberal gets outraged about clueless comments from some New York real-estate agent on why the Filene's Hole project finally collapsed, something about the lead developer not shmoozing local pols enough and the mayor needing a Xanax and failing to let Vornado be Vornado.

By - 9/21/10 - 2:25 pm

FeltFelt in the light of day.The Boston Licensing Board held hearings today on two incidents involving women getting beaten up at Felt, although neither its owners nor its lawyer attended the session.

Instead, the club was represented by a manager who'd only been on the job for a week - after he was rehired after he quit earlier this year.

"This is not helpful," board Chairman Michael Connolly said. Also, although the last time the club was before the board, it said it was looking to sell its license - which was one of its arguments for asking for leniency then - the owners have decided to reorganize and keep the club open under the old/new manager.

In contrast to club officials, Boston Police detectives did attend.

By - 9/4/10 - 6:02 pm

Buzarre announcement from the people at Boston's InterContinental Hotel:

In late June 2010, InterContinental Boston launched a rooftop beehive, home at first to 10,000 bees which has now grown to a colony of more than 40,000. In September will be the harvest for all the work these busy bees have put in over the past months. It is anticipated that about 40 lbs of honey will be collected.

By - 9/3/10 - 5:46 pm

Seashells by the seashore

As some kids looked for interesting shells along the water at Wollaston, downtown Boston slowly disappeared behind them. A few minutes later, the tops of the Prudential and the Hancock got swallowed up by clouds as well.

By - 9/2/10 - 2:35 pm

Boston Police report arresting an Everett man on charges he stabbed two people around 1:30 a.m. at North and Blackstone streets.

By - 8/29/10 - 10:54 am

Sunset from Piers Park

Vikas Anand watched the sun go down from Piers Park on the East Boston waterfront last night.