By - 4/19/09 - 9:32 am

Early-morning flood at Washington and Lafayette; be sure to check out Channel 4's artist's rendition of what the area looks like, then click to Channel 5 for actual photos.

By - 4/18/09 - 5:30 pm

Boston Police report officers came upon a group of people beating and kicking a man on the ground outside Boylston Place around 2:25 this morning. On seeing the law, the attackers scurried away, but police say officers managed to chase after and grab one of them.

Julio Labrana, 20, was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (a shod foot).

Innocent, etc.

By - 4/17/09 - 4:24 pm

Go teams, go!: Ethan Long took photos today of the newest additions to the State House facade.Go teams, go!: Ethan Long took photos today of the newest additions to the State House facade.

By - 4/17/09 - 12:33 pm

Boston Police report arresting four men, one of them with a smashed-in face, while breaking up a fight around 2:20 this morning outside Mantra in Downtown Crossing.

All four were charged will illegal possession of a weapon and ammunition after Roo the Explosives Sniffing Dog was brought in and sussed out a loaded 9mm Luger handgun (and four bags of marijuana), police say, adding one of the men was known to them for alleged involvement in prior gun-related incidents.

Roy Brown, 24 of Boston, Nackian Kennedy, 23 of Boston, Anthony Kennedy, 25 of Brockton and Joshua Thompson, 26 of Boston, were arrested.

Innocent, etc.

By - 4/17/09 - 11:52 am

The Boston Sailing Center kicks off its season with free sailing on Boston Harbor on April 25 and 26 (between 1 and 5 p.m. both days).

First-time sailors as well as more experienced skippers are invited to join the festivities at Lewis Wharf. Sailing trips along Boston's historic waterfront will be conducted by aboard a fleet of boats ranging in length from 23 to 40 feet. The Center's award-winning teaching staff will be on hand to answer questions about sailing basics and introduce people of all ages to the exciting sport.

By - 4/17/09 - 8:55 am

Steve Garfield reports: How to clear a club in five minutes.

By - 4/16/09 - 9:55 pm

The current owner of Filene's Basement has listed it as a "discontinued operation" and put it up for sale. If nobody buys it after 30 days, will they give it to charity?

By - 4/16/09 - 12:51 pm

Jaime Rebhan reports two competing balloon-hat guys were giving each other the evil eye outside of Faneuil Hall the other day.

So when do we get a new Yelp category for best balloon hat in Boston?

By - 4/16/09 - 10:11 am

General Growth Properties, which operates Faneuil Hall Marketplace and owns the Natick Mall Collection, filed for bankruptcy today.

By - 4/16/09 - 9:42 am

The Berkeley Beacon reports that 16 people (Ed. question: That a record?) had to be freed from an elevator stuck in the basement of 180 Tremont St. on April 7. The paper notes:

Most of the occupants of the elevator were prospective students on a tour of the campus.

The previous record for that building was 15.

By - 4/14/09 - 9:11 pm

Have you see the new Boston-themed wall-to-wall campaign for Puma at Park Street? It spells out words like "Habah" and "dance floah."

Kate Hutchinson is weihded out:

Dear Puma: boston accent advertising has been done to death. Try something new, like selling your product

Aaron Weber also gets his Boston up, says he finds the ads condescending at best:

By - 4/13/09 - 11:55 am

There's no rest for the weary on the Boston bomb squad, currently responding to a report of a "suspicious package" at the Intercontinental Hotel, 500 Atlantic Ave.

By - 4/9/09 - 2:02 pm

Lisa is waiting at the Green Dragon for a friend she hasn't seen in ages when a woman walks up to the bar and strikes up a conversation with her. Turns out she's a hooker, just in from the Coast, and she's there to meet one of her friends, too:

... He's tall. Wavy brown hair that is very styled. Lots of product. His shirt looks like it's made of gauze. This is comforting, should we need first aid supplies.

By - 4/9/09 - 8:04 am

The Berkeley Beacon reports that six students had to be rescued from an elevator at 150 Boylston St. on April 3.

Near-hysterical student rescued from elevator at 150 Boylston St.

By - 4/6/09 - 11:55 am

This morning, NONE of the faregates at North Station subway were accepting monthly passes. Instead, they had a single CSA manning the 'Reduced Fare' faregate, and you flashed your pass at them as you went through.

Also, the ticket machines were apparently not accepting debit cards today, as the single CSA at the gate was yelling to people who were having problems with the machines. And yes, there were no other CSAs in sight near the machines to actually help those people who had trouble.

By - 4/6/09 - 1:01 am

Councilor and mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty says the developers behind the BRA Memorial Hole on Washington Street are actually sitting on a large sum of money, so the least they can do is fill in the damn hole already:

... In the spirit of returning and improving the vitality of this central downtown neighborhood, the developers should be ordered to make the graded site available to the Boston Public Market Association (

Given that Vornado and Gale have shown no signs of resuming construction before Fall of 2009, the former Filenes site is a perfect location to temporarily host the Boston Public Market. Located in the heart of the bustling financial district, accessible by the various MBTA stations and to the numerous area employees, residents and tourists, a public market offering organic produce will serve as a significant asset to the neighborhood. The Boston Public Market Association offers locally grown, healthy and affordable fresh food and is a refreshing alternative to the various fast food restaurants in the area. This is an interim solution that will seek to reinvigorate the suffering neighborhood and address the serious concern of the existing blighted site. ...

By - 4/5/09 - 9:46 pm

Interview with one of the dancers in front of Faneuil Hall, by Megan Peet and Mallory Cooke:

By - 4/5/09 - 9:26 am

It's Lawrence vs. Boston: