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MC Spice on the Sonia Chang-Diaz campaign trail

Saturday, October 18th, hundreds of residents "spotted" the duo knocking on doors in Roxbury and Dorchester. Is that Sonia whatever-her-name-is? And is that MC Spice? The conversation is sparked, and the pitch to get support at the polls is made. Residents are wowed to have Ms. Diaz at their front door showing her normality and human side. Most were especially glad to see an old friend of the community supporting the Democratic nominee for state senate.

When questioned about his position on the woman who could be Senator, MC Spice of the Man-Up Movement replied: "I am supporting Sonia Chang-Diaz for a variety of reasons, and I am especially pleased that Ms. Diaz has vowed to hold our community officials accountable for their actions and promises. Her fight for new leadership, change and a new voice in Boston is similar to Barack Obama's fight for change in America. I stand behind Ms. Chang-Diaz one hundred percent and endorse her for senate. She's a wise choice for any in Boston who honestly want change"

If from time to time you see Sonia Chang-Diaz making the rounds in Boston at the hot spots that we all frequent regularly, you may spot the radio personality and broadcast producer somewhere close by.

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