Media criticism: NECN covering the horse race

NECN's Katie Davis reports from outside the Annual Boston Breakfast with Union Leaders but offers zero coverage about the what union leaders are saying to politicians or politicians saying to union leaders.

Instead, she offers horse race coverage in the campaign for Senator Kennedy vacant senate seat. Who's in, who's out, who's ahead, who's behind. I think we can summarize the news value of this report in a few sentences:

Candidate AG Martha Coakley and her team are in the race and feeling good.
Rep. Michael Capuano is turning the corner to make a final decision but hasn't lost ground because he's been preparing for decision day.
Rep. Stephen Lynch has been saddled up but is still in the barn.
Rep. Ed Markey hasn't left the stall.
Rep. Marty Meehan hasn't left the stall.

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey is a scratch.
State Senator Scott Brown is considering a run.

Oh, one more thing about Katie Davis' report, there is a Health Care Rally on the Boston Common in support of reform which many of the politicians at the breakfast may speak at. Tune back into NECN to find out which ones attended and not what they said but whether their status with regard to the special election for Ted Kennedy's senate seat has changed.

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Blame Kevin McCrea?

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At 11:20 a.m., Katie Davis was still standing on Dalrymple Street in Jamaica Plain, waiting for Kevin McCrea to show up for a press conference about the city's Pay Baltic Avenue Prices for Park Place Properties plan. An 11 a.m. press conference that McCrea sent out e-mail to reschedule at 11:10 a.m.

Which I know because at 11:20, I was standing on Dalrymple Street, too, along with the reporter, her cameraman, some other camera guy, a really cute, affectionate cat and an increasingly grumpy kidlet along for the ride.

So maybe she just didn't have any time to add to her prepared report with an account of what people actually said because she was rushing to get to a press conference that was rescheduled after it was supposed to start.

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He should feel lucky anyone

He should feel lucky anyone even showed up to one of his press conferences, no offense Mr McCrea but your a third tier candidate in a four person race, it better be a good excuse for him to reschedule.

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So he could go to the Labor Day rally on the Common.

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Thanks for the backstory

Thanks for the backstory Adam G. That's interesting.

The proof is on the pudding. If in the future, NECN does more than cover the horse race, I'll update this post with that context.

I like Katie Davis. Wouldn't her producer decide what stories she covers? Who decides how she covers them?

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