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BTD car needs BTD tow

Smashed BTD car

Eric Stratton took this photo of a smashed Boston Transportation Department car following a four-car collision at Ruggles shortly after 4 p.m. today. No immediate word on the cause.

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What this photo/story doesn't show or explain is that the other car in this accident was actually on BTD's "most wanted" list for failure to pay those little orange tickets, the heroic BTD employee immediately recognized the vehicle and took matters into his own hands and smashed into the vehicle to prevent it from driving away and to receive many "atta-boys" and high fives from his co-workers and superiors........

The above story is purely fictional with only a hint of sarcasm

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Aren't we supposed to keep intersections clear, unless you can proceed to the other side?

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i wonder if the guy driving woke up?

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