Monday morning on the T

Signal troubles on the Green Line downtown, dead train at Eliot, roadway problems on the 5 Silver Line, dead train somewhere on the Red Line between JFK/UMass and Park Street, but at least the Orange and Blue lines are running OK.

Laura Vogel reports:

New record: door (North End) to door (Kendall Sq) travel time is 51 mins due to Red Line "delays." To be fair, it IS 2.6 miles.



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Hyperlocal Monday AM issue

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The 8:05AM #64 bus at Union Square in Allston was about 5 minutes early (evidently, because when I got off the #57 and headed to the stop at 8:04, I asked if the #64 had come through yet and was told I missed it by 5 minutes). The 8:28AM was about 6 minutes late.

Thanks a ton. I needed to be in Cambridge at 8:30.

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