The B Line in the Blizzard of '78

Some interesting photos from back when the T still ran PCC trolleys on the Green Line.



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Outbound bus service on the B Line?

These are awesome photos!

I had one question regarding the following photo on that page:

You can view a sign that addresses outbound bus service between Kenmore Square and Boston College at particular times of the day, starting on Sept. 7, 1975. I can make out the entire sign, but it looks like it reads that the buses went local and the trains went express? Does anyone know why that was put in place?

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Route 58 Boston

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Route 58 Boston College-Kenmore was a local bus that ran in the rush-hours to supplement the trolleys. Ran September-June from about 1964 to 1981.

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Allston/Brighton Little City Hall

Can anybody enlighten me on what that modular building with the "Allston/Brighton Little City Hall" is about? Also love the skiing outfit the woman was wearing.

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