DA: Man from Pawtucket ran out of lucket on Boylston

Perez (l) and LeylandPerez (l) and LeylandThere once was a man from Pawtucket
With fake hundreds he tried his lucket
But sharp bartender saw
The bills had a bad flaw
Now he's in jail going "fuck it!"

Dana Leyland, 29, of Pawtucket, and Felix Perez, 23, of Providence, were both arraigned today on charges of possessing counterfeit notes and uttering counterfeit currency after an alert bartender at the Charlesmark Hotel noticed the $100 bills they and a still missing accomplice allegedly used to buy two Coronas and a Hennessy were fake - and followed them across the street to Solas at the Lenox Hotel, where they were arrested, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, after the men left, the bartender noticed the bills had a ghost image of Abraham Lincoln, who normally appears only on $5 bills:

The bartender followed Perez and Leyland to Solas, another bar a short distance away, where he told a responding Boston Police officer about his observations.

Boston Police spoke with both defendants and asked them for identification. Perez produced a Rhode Island driver’s license but Leyland, who was drinking a club soda, said he had no identification. The officer asked to speak with the men outside, only to be joined moments later by the Solas bartender, who stated that two patrons had just turned in seven $100 bills found in the immediate vicinity of where the defendants had been. Those bills are also believed to be counterfeit.

Officers took both men into custody. Another $100 bill, also believed to be phony, was found in Perez' pocket during the booking process. It was mixed in with various denominations of genuine US currency.

Leyland allegedly told the booking officers first that his name was "Matthew Gagne" and then that it was "Dana McLaren," but ultimately admitted his true identity. At that point, Boston Police learned of three warrants charging him with possessing and uttering counterfeit bills out of Taunton and Attleboro district courts. Boston Police notified the US Secret Service of the men's arrests.

The third man did not accompany the other two to Solas, the DA's office reports.

Perez was ordered held in lieu of $1,000 bail at his arraignment today, the DA's office says. Leyland was held without bail to be transported to courts in Taunton and Attleboro for more counterfeiting arraignments.

Innocent, etc.



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$100 bill_s_ plural?

What does the Charlesmark charge for two Coronas and a Hennessey? One needs multiple hundreds?

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If I were going to risk the penalty for passing fake $100s, I would at least make sure to get something out of it that costs close to $100.

Actually, if one is going to counterfeit money, why not make a bunch of fake $5 or $10s? No one scrutinizes these. Plus, if caught, it would be believable to say you don't know where you got it, it must have been change from another store, etc. No one believes that you don't know where your $100 bill came from.

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Not that I have any personal experience

But my understanding is that the goal is to obtain change for the phony $100 by buying something relatively cheap (like $15 in beers), then leaving the premises as soon as possible. Bam, you just made $85 in one quick visit. Do that five, ten, fifteen times in an hour and you've made your money on the scam.

The goal isn't to use the fake $100's to buy something worth a lot of money (like a laptop or something), since those clerks tend to check the bills for authenticity.

Or so I've read; I've got no citation to give, just a general recollection.

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