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Election roundup: O'Malley proposes ordinance with some bite; new state rep backs Connolly

City Councilor Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain) tweeted last night:

Next week I'll be proposing a city council ordinance to prevent a SharkNado outbreak along the East Coast.

Our newest state rep, Jay Livingstone (D-Beacon Hill, Back Bay) has endorsed John Connolly for mayor rather than his own district councilor, Mike Ross.

Meanwhile, the Mission Hill Gazette interviews Michael Nichols, who is running for Ross's district seat and who says Mission Hill needs an advocate in the City Council (note: Ross lives on Mission Hill) - he points to the way BPS moved the Mission Hill K-8 School to Jamaica Plain as an example (note: Ross fought the move).

Charles Clemons won the top slot on the September primary ballot in the bingo game at the city elections department yesterday. On the at-large part of the ballot, Martin Keogh will be first, followed by Ayanna Pressley and then the 17 other candidates. Complete list.


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