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Election roundup: Pundits can't agree if Golar Richie is the Next Big Thing or just terminally wishy washy

Joe Nucci tries to will Charlotte Golar Richie into the final. Adrian Walker, though, says he would have trouble supporting somebody whose positions are all half baked on a waffle iron.

Joe Battenfeld seems disappointed Dan Conley isn't the clear and obvious front runner and seriously brings up the possibility that voters are too stupid to tell the difference between him and John Connolly.

Speaking of Irish-Americans from West Roxbury (one of whom has gray hair, the other black, sheesh), the Globe reports state Rep. Carlo Basile of East Boston has endorsed Connolly rather than Conley, whom he initially backed but then un-backed after Conley called for a citywide referendum on the Suffolk Downs casino proposal, rather than that Eastie-only vote backed by Basile and Tom Menino.

Felix Arroyo might be the first candidate this year to get an endorsement from a Pulitzer Prize winner, in his case, Junot Diaz, who is traveling to Boston from all the way across the river in Cambridge for a fundraiser at Vejigantes in the South End tomorrow night.

David Bernstein tries to figure out what the turnout will be and chats with at-large council candidate Jeff "No relation to Mike" Ross.

Some pro-charter group is hosting a forum on the future of BPS without inviting anybody from BPS - and claiming the event is sponsored by another city agency when it isn't, the Mission Hill Gazette reports.



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Amazing - a post about the first election for mayor in 20 years that's been up for an hour and no comments??!!

That's how boring this race is - and as they point out - all of the candidates say pretty much the same thing - I was for everything before I was against it.

So far it looks like the only thing separating the field is a few in favor of lifting the cap on charters and a few against it - and maybe a few still weighing the issues.

Come on folks - take the gloves off. We want some bare knuckles - Big Papi put on a better show than you guys in Baltimore over the weekend and he only beat the crap out of a telephone.

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This house has 19 year olds who live here or float through. Several have asked me, the resident political-geek/alter kaker about mayoral (and council) candidates.

I have an advantage in interviewing them on my Left Ahead podcast and knowing them in various capacities before this race. Maybe I'm winnowing grains but I think not.

Consalvo is heavily sniping Connolly and will do so stronger, as he perceives him as one to beat for the November pas de deux. We have staked-out turf:

  • Conley for public safety
  • Connolly for education
  • Ross for big vision with technology
  • Walczak for the progressives
  • Golar Richie for the progressives

And so it goes. With Conley already counting on his bucks making a big media-buy difference, he'll stoke the fires for all. People don't like Marty Walsh, his folk adore him. Arroyo's forces are stunned in the first poll that doesn't seem to reflect ownership of Latinos and African Americans.

This is tinder well ready for the spark.

Oddly enough in this century and with the Patrick/Obama heritage, webby stuff and social media don't seem to be big deals. Mayoral candidates aren't putting much work into internet-grounded efforts and their sites are lame almost to a one. Walsh, Ross and Walczak are putting out serious platform planks and papers. By this time, I normally contrast campaign sites, but really don't see much point yet this go.

I don't know where you are, but here in 18-16 (a very heavy voting precinct), we've had virtually all mayorals, at-larges, and district candidates canvass. Lawns are filthy with signs.

August and early September will scream with politics.

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Love this new daily blog update. Very helpful.

I have been disappointed in Golar-Ritchie for the types of reasons articulated in the Adrian Walker / Boston Globe column. She's a political neophyte (yep, that's what I said) but that shouldn't excuse her wiffle-waffling. Worse, when she does have an opinion, it's the same as our current mayor's. If I wanted Tom Menino in office, I'd vote for him. She's offered no unique characteristic (yet) to put her above and beyond the others. And, I had her as my second favorite candidate back in May/June.

I wish someone had the power and will to ask a dozen questions of all candidates to get yes/no answers. Sadly, I don't think it's to be and worse, if it was, there'd be wiffle-waffling in all their answers.

Do you support the death penalty in MA?
Do you support the death penalty for anyone convicted of murder in the Boston Marathon bombings?
Do you support the death penalty for anyone convicted of murder in the Amy Lord case?
Do you support charter schools?
Do you support expanding charter schools?
Do you support ELT (Extended Learning Time)?
Do you support casinos in MA and in Boston?
Do you support a citywide vote or a East Boston-only vote on the casino package offered by Suffolk Downs.
Do you support women having the right to vote?

(I threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.)

The Globe had an article the other day showing the "super voters" in each neighborhood (those who have voted in the past three mayoral elections) plus a map showing where each candidate is pulling donations. I was surprised by Rob Consalvo's support. I'm beginning to think he's the "dark horse" candidate (not a sleight against his Italian good looks) and that maybe he can make it to the final along with John Connolly. I would have thought Conley and Walsh would've made it but I'm changing my opinion.

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1. What is your position on the proposed BU Biolab?
2. Should bicyclists be licensed and carry insurance, just like cars are required to?
3. Should the public be protected from inhaling cigerette smoke on public sidewalks?
4. Are you in favor of an alcohol tax in both restaurants in packages stores in the City of Boston?
5. What is your plan to develop more city funding sources to support women programs?
6. What is your plan to put more visible community service officers on streets in every neighborhood of Boston?

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