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Shuttered Hyde Park restaurant could soon reopen with new owner, name

The long closed restaurant at 81 Fairmount Ave. could soon re-open as the Fairmount Grill.

Christopher Rassias went before the Boston Licensing Board this morning for permission to open an American bistro with "upscale dining at affordable prices" at the site of the former Townsends. With board approval, Rassias would buy a full liquor license being given up by Clarke's, a shuttered South Station pub that is being turned into a CVS.

"Hopefully, this is the last chapter in a long-running drama over this site," attorney Dennis Quilty, representing Rassias and building owner John Button, said. Button shut Townsend's when it stopped paying its rent, but was unable to open a replacement restaurant because the restaurant's owners refused to give up or sell their liquor license and state law prohibits two liquor licenses at the same address. The board finally voted last November to rescind the license.

Rassias is seeking a 1 a.m. closing time and said he would run a 25-seat patio in the back during warm weather.

"People are excited" about Rassias's plans, City Councilor Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park) said.

The board votes tomorrow on the proposal.

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Welcome and long overdue news indeed...

I can hope that this will be enough like Townsend's with great ales, fine food at good prices, and such, that the new place becomes Steve Murphy's dinner joint as Townsend's was.

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