Winthrop man charged as pissy Revere Beach bath-house flasher

A Winthrop man who allegedly exposed himself to a father and his son inside a bath house on Saturday and then urinated all over the booking room at the nearby State Police barracks after being scooped up off Blue Line tracks was ordered to pay $1,000 bail and wear a GPS monitor while his case is pending, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Chelsea District Court Judge Emily A. Karstetter rejected a request from prosecutors that Clifford Avery, 44, be ordered to pay the cost of hiring biohazard cleaning specialists to disinfect the booking room.

According to the DA's office, a man and his son were in the Shirley Avenue Bath House's restroom around 5:40 p.m. on Saturday when Avery began swearing. When the father asked him to stop swearing in front of his child:

Avery became verbally abusive and attempted to force his way into a bathroom stall that the victims were inside, the man said. When the victims emerged, Avery allegedly exposed himself and made obscene comments. As the man shielded his son and exited the bath house, Avery attempted to physically assault the man.

When troopers arrived, prosecutors say,

He climbed over a fence and onto the nearby MBTA tracks before attempting to hide in bushes in the area of the Garfield School, prosecutors said. He then walked back onto the tracks, removed his pants, and lay down, prosecutors said. Fortunately, MBTA service had already been stopped and power to the tracks shut down at the request of State Police.

With the assistance of additional troopers, Avery was placed under arrest after a struggle.

Innocent, etc.



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biohazard cleaning specialists for pee? That's a bit over the top. Good call, Judge.

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yeah, a tad over the top

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yeah, a tad over the top here... a mop and bucket would work the same since urine is sterile...

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I can hear the Winthrop

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I can hear the Winthrop locals now.

"Why does a guy from Winthrop have to travel out of town to flash a guy and his kid at a beach in Revere when we have a perfectly good beach right in town."

Full disclosure...I live in Winthrop

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