Woman who crashed into T stop dies

NECN reports the 78-year-old woman whose car wound up wedged in the entrance to the Wollaston Red Line stop yesterday has died. Her cause of death was not released, but Transit Police said yesterday she apparently suffered some sort of medical problem before crashing into the station.



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Hmm I wonder

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How all the commenting morons in the original story feel making light of the situation.

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Underscores the central points of some comments

1. we need to better screen people who have drivers licenses for their continued ability to safely drive
2. we need better services so that people who shouldn't be driving aren't driving

Sad for her and her family, yes, but I get really sick of all the "well, MY obscure family/neighborhood/church social rules say that you can't talk about this NOW ..." and then it NEVER gets talked about. As a society with an aging population NOW is the time to discuss these issues.

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