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Beached truck

Mike Bergquist stopped to snap this truck wedged in a snow ridge on Comm. Ave. by Joshua Tree this morning.



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Driver's an idiot BUT

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There is normally a passthrough between the traffic lanes of Comm Ave and the residential/business lanes of Comm Ave. at Redford Private Way. The city didn't plow it during this storm, so everyone has had to use Walbridge or Griggs to get onto the residential side.

My guess is the driver was on autopilot and didn't realize the road hadn't been plowed until he was stuck.

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Not plowed

Yeah, the city neglected to plow those passthroughs at a LOT of the side streets off of Commonwealth - I had to make a wide circle around on foot on Sunday, walking in the traffic lanes of Commonwealth at Packard's Corner to get to Thorndike Street, because they hadn't cleared the passthroughs at either Fuller or Thorndike.

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