Dead trolley throws Green Line for a loop

A trolley decided Park Street was a good place to push up some daisies around 7:10 this morning. Or as A.P. Blake puts it:

My Green Line died in the worst possible spot. Blocking the mainline and Park St loop. Inspectors entering tunnel. All of the MBTA Green Line is at a halt downtown. Train needed to push mine.



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Truly the worst spot

I was thinking about it, and it really is the single worst spot you could possibly have any type of incident on the Green Line (just my luck, and everyone else's this fine rush hour). Luckily, it only last 15 minutes or so, and was a matter of manually cutting all the brakes and then letting the trailing trolley shove the front one into the B berth at Park St. The train was cut from service and it was a mad dash down over to the D berth, where whatever train was behind my E train was changed to an E. It took a while for everyone to filter out and get sorted.

But seriously, had anything more severe occurred at this spot, the Green Line might as well shut down entirely. I think I'm going to call this Kryptonite Junction.

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T is a disaster

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This weekend and morning in a series of bus and subway rides I enjoyed the following:

A bus running early (according to the app showing the expected time) resulting in missing it and having to wait an extraordinary amount of time in subfreezing air.
A bus driver who refused to open a back door forcing me to exit at the next stop; more exercise in subfreezing air.
An SRO train when leaving its terminus that was too crowded to fit everyone waiting at the 2nd stop.

Between deteriorating infrastructure, unreliable schedules and passive-aggressive drivers, and the significant minority of riders who treat subways and buses as extensions of their living rooms, rides on the T are loathsome, foul and gross.

On a lighter note the T would not need to make one change to present itself as an organizational example of steampunk design and administration. It seems to retain the efficiency and technological strengths of the 19th century.

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