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Two Hyde Park restaurants seek full liquor licenses

The Boston Licensing Board next week hears requests from Rincon Caribeno on Fairmount Avenue and a proposed Italian restaurant across the street for all-alcohol licenses.

Rincon Caribeno already has a license to serve beer, wine and liqueurs. Joe Garufi, owner of Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale, is seeking a full liquor license for Antonio's Bacaro, the Italian restaurant he wants to open in the space formerly occupied by the Hyde.

Both could be eligible for one of the new liquor licenses the state legislature agreed to give Boston this year to bring restaurants to neighborhoods not dominated by expense-account places, because they are in a Main Street district, in this case, Hyde Park Main Streets.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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Daytime home invasions, rapists coming out of the bushes, BMX gangs with huge earlobes, attack turkeys, Ebola, ISIS, climate change driven storms, insane real estate prices, and the mob reemerging as part of our new casino...

We're going to need a lot more liquor licenses, and fast.

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