Co-star of Fever Pitch gets parade through Harvard Square

Jimmy Fallon in Harvard Square

617 Images watched Jimmy Fallon in a chariot procession through Harvard Square before being honored by the Harvard Lampoon as "Emperor of Comedy."

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Jimmy Fallon is about

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Jimmy Fallon is about as funny as my left elbow.

The following joke "Not joke" is funnier than Jimmy Fallon:

Jimmy Fallon is funny, NOT! HAHA!

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this would be cute if Harvard Lampoon weren't tree-destroyers

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Cambridge kept planting trees in front of their building, and they kept butchering them, because it would have hidden the front of that stupid building they think is so iconic. Finally, the city gave up.

They're a bunch of ultra-privileged bullies.

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Vellucci had a bug up his ass about the Lampoon. The tree was retribution against the magazine. The staff retaliated. The trees that lived/died in front of the building were a surrogate war between the mayor and the group.

The building *is* iconic. It's built by Wheelwright and on the National Register of Historic Places.

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