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Downtown and Beacon Hill boomed with the sound of muskets and howitzers

Minutemen fire muskets on Tremont Street

Huzzah! Any lobsterbacks on Tremont trembled in fear this day.

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company held its annual march around downtown as part of its ancient and honorable election of new officers on the first Monday in June.

In addition to Minutemen and current service members, actual members of the artillery company marched, of course:

Ancient ancients

Nobody messes with the pikemen:

Ancient pikemen

Various ancient and honorable guests also marched:

Ancient Spanish guy
Ancient red guys

Pro tip: When the Army fires off howitzers in a 19-gun salute, you want to be standing a bit farther than ten feet away if you don't have ear protection - or unless you like having a ringing sound in your ears for quite a while afterwards:



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Huzzah! Any lobsterbacks on Tremont trembled in fear this day.

We on the other hand are underwhelmed, uncowed, and ever-ready to righteously resist the colonial occupation of our native lands to the bitter end!

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For a second I thought you were going to cry about needing a trigger warning for mentioning muskets. I should have known you were made of tougher stuff.

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That first photo is fantastic!

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