Boston's bronze menagerie

Aline Kaplan has put together a guide to the bronze animal statues of Boston. Start with the Frog Pond frogs (then follow the links at the bottom).



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If I were devious and obnoxious, I wouldn't answer (I mean, most of my revenue does come from those ads), but ...

That "ad" (in quotes because I'm not actually charging them for it, although, well, yes, it is an ad regardless) is just a simple PNG with a link wrapped around it. No fancy-shmancy JavaScript calling up cookies and God knows what else, so nothing for ad-blocking software to grab onto and block (and not even any way for me to see how many people click on it; although that's more laziness on my part - I could rig up a redirect that I could track easily enough). For what it's worth, I've done this before with non-standard ad sizes for strictly local advertisers, although not in recent months.

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I second that---

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It's the George Thorndyke Angell statue, donated by the SPCA. My favorite public art in Boston.

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Animals are nice.

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But I'm still partial to the bronze banana peels at Haymarket and the bronze gloves at Porter.

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