Central Square brawl leaves man stabbed in the chest

A fight that started when some men wouldn't leave a woman alone inside a Central Square bar early this morning spilled out into the street and turned into a brawl involving 25 people that ended when police arrived and discovered the woman's boyfriend had been stabbed in the chest.

Police say that the fight began when a group of men began aggressively "pursuing" a woman inside the bar and a fight that involved her boyfriend and some of his friends and the alleged jerks spilled out onto Mass. Ave. and Brookline Street at closing time around 2 a.m.

Cambridge Police officers quickly arrived at the scene of the fight, which reportedly involved upwards of 25 people. Officers encountered the group of three individuals while dispersing the fight and during conversation observed a male suffering from a stab wound to his chest. Despite not being cooperative, medical attention was immediately summoned and the victim was treated and taken toa local hospital for further attention. He was expected to be quickly released with non-life threatening injuries. At this point, a suspect has not been identified and an investigation is ongoing.

This is the second stabbing this month outside a Central Square establishment.

Anybody with info can call Cambridge Police at 617-349-3300 or contact the anonymous tip line by calling 617-349-3359 or starting a text message with TIP650 to 847411.



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That's that last time he

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That's that last time he takes his lady out for date night.

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You'd have to ask the woman

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Who was the one who called police and who seemed reluctant to specify what police called "the establishment."

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Businesses don't like being mentioned in crime news items

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Besides being pulled in front of licensing boards, it's just bad PR and bad neighbor.

There might also be the no-snitching protocol in effect. You call 911 for an ambulance or police, because it's really needed, but they ask for a name of something, and you have to pause and think whether that's snitching.

If I owned a club in Cambridge, I wouldn't tolerate any of this BS. I'd let it be known that my club was a snitching-mandated zone. Any group causing trouble wasn't welcome back. If trouble kept happening, I'd have to start changing my demographics.

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