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DA: Dorchester man stewed over trash from a party for several days before stabbing neighbor to death

Rodney Bloomfield, 46, was arraigned on a murder charge today for the stabbing death of his neighbor, Tony Massey, last week.

Bloomfield was ordered held without bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. According to the DA's office:

[Assistant DA Mark] Zanini told the court that the victim had hosted a party at his Bradshaw Street home on Sept. 16 that led to a verbal argument on Sept. 20 with Bloomfield, who lives at an adjacent property on Charlotte Street. The argument was over trash from the party, prosecutors said.

On the morning of Sept. 21, Zanini said, Massey and two young relatives were preparing to leave the home when Bloomfield approached them in the driveway with a knife and a trash bag and made statements threatening to kill Massey. Massey told him to back up, Zanini told the court, and exited the car with a knife of his own.

Bloomfield allegedly swung his knife at Massey, who backed up and also swung his knife. Massey tripped and fell the ground, Zanini said, where Bloomfield stood over him, stabbed him repeatedly, and said, “Are you ready to die today?” Bloomfield was also injured in the encounter, sustaining several stab wounds. He made additional threatening statements before leaving the scene.

Massey died at Tufts Medical Center. According to the DA's office: Bloomfield got in a vehicle with two knives, drove away and then showed up at Boston Medical Center with his own, less severe, stab wounds.

Innocent, etc.




Have there been an unusually high number of stabbings lately? (as opposed to shootings)

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Is it time for sensible knife control? Do you REALLY need to have all those knives? Especially the really sharp ones?

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Maybe read between the lines a little more before making snarky comments about someone dying from a knife wound?

The article and court report says he left the house in the morning with "two young relatives". What do you think that could mean? In a court of law, I am going to presume that is code for minors aka people under the age of 18. And where do you think he might have been going in the morning with two young relatives under the age of 18? Maybe it was breakfast but maybe it was school because Sept 20th was a Wednesday. And maybe these two young people just watched a relative get killed in front of them.

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It is truly truly disturbing unconscionable disrespectful and certainly inhumane to be making a joke about someone's death. How in the hell do you make a joke when some children just witness a family member being murdered.

How heartless a human being can you be to make a joke about someone's untimely unwarranted death.

Trump Supporters I'm coming out the woodwork.

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