Karma arrives swiftly outside a Roslindale bar

An allegedly drunk guy upset at being denied entry to Napper Tandy's, 4187 Washington St. in Roslindale, late on July 29, whipped a plastic nip bottle in the general direction of the bar. He missed the bar but hit a man who just happened to be walking up Washington Street at that moment.

That man went up to the guy, said "you just hit me with this bottle," and then punched him and kept walking, a Boston police officer told the Boston Licensing Board this morning. When police arrived, they discovered the nip flinger had an outstanding warrant and arrested him. The puncher was nowhere to be found.



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...this involves the bar how?

"I want in."
"No, go home, you're drunk."
-flings plastic nip bottle, proving bar doorman's point.

-ends up at Board hearing anyway.

Lawyer gets paid. So, tell me again who writes the laws?

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Going full circle

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It would be pretty hilarious if the nip flinger or the puncher was the bouncer with a warrant that got pissed on.

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