Oh, no, bombogenesis, baby?

The Capital Weather Gang blares a warning: Intense coastal storm to maul New England on Sunday, swipe Mid-Atlantic.

Our more reserved local NWS office, which only goes to the apocolpytic phrasing when absolutely necessary, does have this to say:

This system looks to be much more dynamic than our current wx maker...and has the potential to bring some significant impacts to the region.

No, don't worry, no snow, but "heavy rainfall, possible flooding and strong, gusty winds."




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What is its name?

We need to give it a name. Twenty six years isn't long enough to let this go unnamed. NoName storms visiting at halloween don't yield to a candy trebuchet or punkin chunkin.

I'm still trying to figure out this current storm, with its overnight lows of 71F the other night. Seemed ... tropical.

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A waning tropical system falls in love with a Nor'Easter ... but is there mayhem in the mix?

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